Monday, June 25, 2007


I'm probably one of the few who wasn't too terribly miffed by the way the HBO series "The Sopranos" ended. But I'm also probably one of the few with a television, cable and working electricity who never watched a single episode of the series. It wasn't anything personal or even a matter of taste, I just never carved out the time required to watch an entire epioside and as a result find myself hooked.

In general, I'm not big fan of television. Given a choice I'd rather see a movie, go to a play, listen to some music, read a good book, talk on the phone, work on a writing project . . . okay, do just about anything other than plop down in front of the tube with remote in hand. Perhaps, in another post I'll delve into the reasons behind my lack of a TV habit.

The end of "The Sopranos" prompted me to think about the number of other popular television shows I've never watched as well as those I currently and consistently opt to take a pass on when I do sit down and snuggle up with the remote.

Some of the more popular shows (both old & new) I've never watched an entire episode of include:

1) CSI (nope, none of them)

2) The Flava of Love (after tuning in for a few minutes I realized that I gag too easily to ever be a fan of this show)

3) Miami Vice

4) Dallas (still don't know who shot JR and don't really care)

5) Beverly Hills 90210 (rich kids with problems have never interested me)

6) Frasier (sorry, I wasn't big on Cheers either)

7) Everybody Loves Raymond (except for me, I guess)

8) Judging Amy (just never made time to watch it)

9) Murphy Brown

10) Hill Street Blues

11) ER (don't like blood or hospitals)

12) Friends

13) The Fresh Prince (Will Smith's goofiness has always been a turn off)

14) Wayan Brothers (again, the goofiness factor turned me off)

15) Lost (Actually, I saw part of an episode and enjoyed it. But the 2nd time I tried to watch, I give-up midway through. I was too lost to enjoy it.)

16) Star Trek (Never watched any of the "new" ones. Of course, I enjoyed the original back in the day.)

17) Dukes of Hazzard (oh, please)

18) WKRP In Cincinnati

19) Cagney & Lacey

20) Family Matters

21) The Jamie Foxx Show

Oh no, this is hardly the half of them. These are just among the first to come to mind. I doubt if too many folks have a list quite as extensive as my own, but I'm sure there is something on the boob-tube that everybody and their mama seems to rave over, but thus far you've managed to avoid. If you feel like sharing your pics, or commenting on my list of "never watched" shows, be my guest.


Ehav Ever said...

I end up watching a lot of Discovery Channel, History Channel, and the Food Network. (I like to cook)

Pretty much everything on your list were shows I stayed away from for the most part. Every once and a while I watched Jamie Foxx and the Wayans. There were some episodes that were just really funny to me when I was in college.

Right now I stay away from pretty much everything. I stayed away from Heroes because I didn't want to get hooked and also because the one African American guy in it was a member of a gang (even if he was set up), and the one Haitian guy was a flunky. Also, because I really want to come up with my own show like that, but with a wider range of diversity.

One show that I recently got into was Scrubs. Something about that show I really find comical.

Lori said...

Ehav E.,
I watch a bit of the Discovery Channel and the History Channel--mainly when I'm watching TV with my son. I like to cook too, but don't watch the Food Network except if I'm channel surfing and I catch them doing an episode on barbecue (smile). Lately, I've been relying on TV1's G. Garvin for most of my new recipes.

The "Heroes" series actually looked pretty entertaining, but I simply never remembered to make note of the day & time it came on in order to watch. "Scrubs", on the other hand, didn't make it past my 5 minute rule. If a show doesn't hold my attention or make me laugh in the first 5 minutes, I'm done (LOL).

Ehav Ever said...

Hello Lori,

I found Heroes interesting, but I just didn't want to commit to having to know what happened if I missed an episode. (smile)

In terms of Scrubs I think I like it because two of the main characters remind me of how me and some of close friends act when we are around each other. (You know typical guy antics and silliness.)

One of my favorite food channel shows is the Iron Chef. I like seeing what kind of meals they come up with the secret ingredient.

Keith said...

I just can't believe that you pulled out numbers 3, 4, 10, 18 and 19. I'm not convinced that I was alive when any of those were on the air. If I was, I was in bed before they came on. I've heard of them though. What about "Jake and the Fat Man"?

Lori said...

All right Keith,
Just call a sister OLD, why don'tcha? (LOL) Hey, I was just giving a range and this is the OLD SCHOOL MIX after all . . .

As for 'Jake and the Fat Man' nope, never seen it. Don't even know who stars in it. I bet I'm not missing or haven't missed anything either (smile).

Ehav Ever said...

Yeah, I remember Jake and the Fat Man. I never liked it, but I do remember it. What about Quincy? I really hated M.A.S.H.

Lori said...

I asked the hubby about "Jake and the Fat Man" and he jogged my memory by saying that the guy who starred in the old "Cannon" series starred in "Jake."

Yeah, I'm sure y'all don't know who "Cannon" is, but I watched him, every now and then, as a child (smile).

Nope, never watched "Quincy." I watched "MASH" back in grade school. I liked it somewhat, but not enough to cathch the re-runs.

YouToldHarpoTaBeatMe said...

Sue Ellen's sister shot J.R.! LoL

He was bopping her too! Do you remember the "designer" JEANS behind that mess? Women walking around with "I shot JR" on their booties. My cousin had a pair and I think I'll call and harrass her like I always do, and remind her.

Lori said...

Sue Ellen? Say what? Girl, naw!(LOl) To be honest, I wouldn't know Sue Ellen from Ellen Sue if my life depended on it. As for the "designer" jeans craze you mentioned, I don't recall that either. But I'll be sure to ask the hubby. If it was splashed across some chick's booty, he most definitely saw and remembered it (smile).

Malcolm: said...

Hi Lori:

My list of shows that I have never seen entire episodes of includes: Heroes, The X-Files, the 2 CSI spinoffs, and Six Feet Under. With the growing number of channels and shows, unless you are a TV critic, most people will have a fairly extensive list of series they have never seen.

Your comment about Dallas reminds me of what David Brinkley said during the opening of the newsmagazine show he hosted (which aired opposite Dallas during the 1980-81 season). Brinkley said, "This is a new television program for those of us who don't give a damn who shot J.R."

Lori said...

Hey Malcolm,
Thanks for stopping by "The Mix."
I just realized this evening that there was a "CSI:Miami." Actually, the minute and a half I watched didn't look too bad.

I tried to watch some of "Six Feet Under," but it didnt grab me. The "X-Files" doesn't sound like something that would interest me, but then again I'm assuming it's sci-fi.

Radiogirl said...

I'm a media junkie; particularly reality TV. There are some on your list that would be on my list as well, but not for the same reasons. Even though I'm radiogirl, I can count how many episodes of WKRP I've seen (and that is also shameful because I am an Ohio girl too).

Lori said...

Hey radiogirl,
I'm on the road and still using the hubby's laptop, but I finally got your comments to post (whew!)

Anyway, what are your reasons for having some of those shows on your list? You mentioned your reasons weren't the same as mine. It's an "age" thing, right? (smile)