Friday, November 02, 2007

An Excerpt From "THEFT" by Lori D. Johnson . . . From The Best Of Memphis Anthology 2003 . . .
"Theft" is a story I wrote while living in Cleveland, Ohio. The story is set in Memphis and deals with an ill-fated trip to a grocery store and the severing of the bond between two cousins. The story appeared in the Best Of Memphis Anthology 2003, edited by Jeff Crook and published by Kerlak Enterprises, Inc.
A small portion of "Theft" is currently featured in Kerlak's "Reading Room." and follows the excerpt from Beth Boyett's "The Dead Money." If you'd like to read "Theft" in its entirety and/or checkout some of the other work featured in the collection, copies of The Best of Memphis Anthology 2003 can still be purchased from Kerlak, in bookstores throughout Memphis and through


pjazzypar said...

The "Theft" excerpt featured in the Kerlak Enterprises Reading Room illustrates that you are a talented writer. I can't wait for your book "After The Dance" to be published. I am going to be first in line to get a copy.

Lori said...

Why thank you Miz Pjazzy!
You know you just made my day, right? (LOL)