Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #33 . . . 13 Reading Habits . . .

1) Quite frequently, I'll read the last few pages of a book--just to see how it ends. Seldom does it lessen my enjoyment of the story, nor does it keep me from finishing the book.

2) I love libraries, but I buy more books than I borrow.

3) When I start a hard-back, I generally remove the cover until I've finished reading the book.

4) I've been known to read in the tub.

5) Sometimes I'll read more than one book at a time.

6) Don't ask to borrow one of my books. I hate loaning them out because I know they're not coming back.

7) I prefer reading literary fiction, short story collections and essay collections.

8) I tend to use bookmarks and prefer not to dog-ear the pages of my books.

9) I've been a regular reader of the newspaper since the age of twelve.

10) In recent years, I've stopped subscribing to a daily newspaper and switched to being a weekend only subscriber.

11) Typically, what's popular or on the best sellers lists doesn't interest me.

12) I tend to read books that have been out for a while.

13) On average, I read at least 4 hours a day. Of course, this includes the amount of time I spend reading online.

Do we share any reading habits? Do you have any odd reading habits?

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Linda said...

Hiya!Well, a few. :)

1. I like to read the end too

3. I remove the covers -- but in general I dislike hardbacks and avoid them

5. I almost always have several books on the go

Happy TT! I have two -- the one I linked below, and this one:

Nicholas said...

We are very similar, because I do most of those things too, except #1 which I NEVER do!

Alice Audrey said...

Reading the last few pages of a book frequently will result in my finishing a book I would not other wise bother with.

Carol said...

I'm with Nick. Never ever #1. Ev-er!

#5? I can do one fiction and one non-fiction simultaneously, but tend to avoid it.

Don't like essay collections.

Or newspapers anymore.

Otherwise, we could be reading siters! (Have you discovered Paperback Swap yet?)

Good list!

SandyCarlson said...

Cannot and will not dog ear a page! I am with you on that. I just wish I could read in the tub without turning the book into parchment!

jehara said...

i do 3 and 4. i always lose my bookmarks so i usually dog ear my pages. and i have to finish a chapter before i can stop reading.

Adelle said...

Since I've been published, I reward myself to reading time in between books. Kinda like putting gas in the car. Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on 3,4,5,68 and 12. I will read anywhere at any time!

Happy TT!

Mo said...

I too am an avid reader, but we don't share very many habits; except maybe 2, 5, 8 and 9....and 13. well, maybe we DO share some habits! LoL

Happy Reading!

Sheila Wilcox said...

I share most of your habits except I: I'd never, never read the end. 2:I almost never buy books anymore (I've run out of bookcase space). 10: I still subscribe daily to the local newspaper, but I beginning to think it's a waste of money. Speaking of dog-ears, I wont't accept offers from friends suggesting I borrow their books because they dog-ear. Happy Holidays.

Sheila Wilcox

kandyblossom said...

Your reading habits sound very much like mine...except that whole reading in the tub thing. Can't get the hang of it. It never fails that I end up with wet pages and I spend so much time worrying about it that I don't enjoy the reading. Better for me to just finish my bath, wrap up in a comfy robe and curl up in bed with the book.

Debbie said...

We have many similar habits except # 1.

I will loan boooks to people I kow well enough to not be bothered by asking for them back - I also put a return address label in the fron of any book I loan out so they remember who they borrowed it from. Wish I could find 4 hours in a day to read...

Janet said...

I know most people hate this, but I write in my books...not all the time, but if I read something that resonates with me, I'll underline it and/or write something in the margin about why. I've been doing this since I was a kid, and recently, a book I read at 14 was read by one of my friend's daughters...and she thought it was interesting to read something I'd written at 14.

Chelle Y. said...

You totally sound like me!

pjazzypar said...

I share habits #1, 3, 5 and 11. I am an avid reader of John Saul mysteries and I always have to read the epilogue before I am too deep into the novel to kind of see how everything will turn out. You are right, it does not seem to ruin my enjoyment of the novel. I also tend not to care what's on the bestsellers list.