Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday Thirteen #35 . . . 13 Film Favorites Featuring Kids . . .

The recent buzz surrounding Slumdog Millionaire has me thinking about some of the other movies featuring child actors that I've enjoyed over the years. The following are some of my favorites.

1) A Bronx Tale-- I truly adore this movie. One of my favorite scenes is when the little kid, who's been hanging out with the neighborhood gangsters tearfully tells his dad, "Sonny is right, the working man is a sucker. . . " The Dad, a hard-working bus driver, played by Robert De Niro responds, "He's wrong, it don't take much strength to pull a trigger. But try getting up every morning, day after day and work for a living. Let's see him try that. Then we'll see who's the real tough guy."

2) Akeelah and The Bee-- In this movie, KeKe Palmer steals the spotlight from veterans like, Lawrence Fishburne and Angela Bassett.

3) The Bad News Bears--The first two originals films were pretty funny.

4) Claudine--Yes, this is an oldie, but goodie starring Diahann Carroll and James Earl Jones. The kids in this movie do an excellent job of just being kids and I'm always moved by the little guy who when asked what he wants to be when he grows up says, "Invisible."

5) Crooklyn--One of Spike's Lee best, in my opinion. I do wonder if any of the kids featured in this movie are still working.

6) The Harry Potter Movies--Even though I typically wait until the movies make it to cable or come out on DVD, I still enjoy them and I kinda hate that the kids who star in them are growing up (smile).

7) J.T.-- This movie came out WAY back in the day (smile), 1969. But it used to air on television around Christmas time in the '70s. The movie starred a young Kevin Hooks, who played a shy kid from Harlem who finds and nurses an old, injured, one-eyed alleycat back to health. I'd love to get this on dvd for my own kid to watch and enjoy.

8) Poltergeist--The first one.

9) The Pursuit of Happyness--No disrespect intended, but Actually, I think Will Smith's son (Jaden) is a much better actor than his dad (LOL).

10) Ray-- I thought the little boy who played Ray Charles as a youth, C.J. Sanders, did an exceptional job.

11) The Sandlot -- I know there are two, but I've only seen the first one. This is one of those movies, I accidentally stumbled upon one lazy afternoon and found myself enjoying. It's one of my own kid's favorites as well.

12) Slumdog Millionaire -- The performances of the children in this movie are what really made it an outstanding film for me.

13) Stand By Me -- I'd been meaning to watch this movie for years, but just recently got around to it. All I can say is, "Wow." These kids really did a great job. Although, it is kind of sad knowing the twists and turns some of their careers and lives went on to take.

Well, do you agree with any of my choices? If there are others on your own list, feel free to mention them in the comments.

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Carmen Shirkey said...

As a new author, I'll have to look at all your book stuff when I'm done.

I haven't seen slumdog yet, because it just got to the theaters here in podunk, but soon!

Malcolm said...

Esp. 2, 4 and 13 on your list are among my favorites too. Some others on my list include:

"National Velvet" starring a 12 yr old Elizabeth Taylor. I saw this for the first time a couple of summers ago and was blown away by how good she was.

The kids in the 1962 film "To Kill A Mockingbird"

Natalie Portman in "Beautiful Girls"

Dean Stockwell in "Gentleman's Agreegment"

Heather Matarazzo in "Welcome to the Dollhouse"

Patty McCormack in "The Bad Seed"

Tatum O'Neal in "Paper Moon"

Adelle said...

There's a great movie called. Holes. It's a must see. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have revisited it a number of times. Great list. Happy Valentine Day!

Alice Audrey said...

Good ones. Akeela and the Spelling Bee is good. I love Sandlot.

myrtle beached whale said...

My favorite child actor was probably Haley Joel Osment in 3 outstanding movies: Sixth Sense, Pay it Forward, and Second Hand Lions. I totally agree with you on Stand By Me. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Karen said...

Really liked # 8 and # 13.
Didn't see the rest but loved your list idea!

Happy TT

Nicholas said...

I enjoy the Potter movies too.

I saw the original Poltergeist in the cinema, not at home. You could tell it was an effective movie because people were screaming! Remember when that clown suddenly appeared behind the boy in bed? Ugh!

bellamocha said...

The Potter movies are top of my list, but I love Tatum O'Neil in Paper Moon! Great list- you know your stuff!
happy T13! And thanks for stopping by mine :)

Lori said...

Great list...I love the Potter movies and a pursuit of happyness made me cry like a baby. Stand by me is quite a classic. Great list. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by:)

janetfaye said...

Stand By Me is one of my favorite movies. Now I feel like watching it again!

thornesworld said...

Stand By Me is prolly my all time fav, but you have a few goodies there!
Happy TT!
I'm up with TT#26- A Lil Too Straight?

pjazzypar said...

I loved this list and agree with all of your choices. "Crooklyn" is one of Spike's best. Actually the boy who portrayed Clinton (Spike) in the film, Carlton Williams, died as a result of Sickle Cell Anemia.

The Bumbles said...

I also instantly thought of To Kill A Mockingbird. But Stand By Me was incredible acting. I loved The Sandlot as well - only the first one. Never saw the second one either. You should stop by our blog on Mondays for our Movie Meme.