Friday, March 06, 2009

Book & Movie Combos . . .

The idea for this post grew out of a visit I paid to the Bumble's Movie Meme, this past Monday. The Bumble's blog post dealt with books they'd read, which, at some point in time, had been turned into movies. The "best movie adaptations" if you will. Well, I named a couple right off the top of my head. But later, after giving it some thought, I realized I'd read a number of books, which at some point were cast on either the big or the little screen.

Below are the book & movie combinations I've come up with, thus far. As many books as I've read in my lifetime, I'm sure there at least a few others. I thought it might be fun to color code them, so if the listing appears in red, I didn't really care for the book or the movie (smile). If the listing appears in purple, I loved them both. If the listing is in black, I thought both the book and the movie were okay. If you see brown, I enjoyed the movie a lot more than I did the book.

As far as that last item is concerned, I know typically it's the other way around-folks generally enjoy the book more than the movie. But for whatever reason, that seldom happens for me. There are several movies I've enjoyed a whole lot more than the actual books upon which the screen versions were based. Hey, go figure, I'm weird like that (smile).

My list begins with the oldest title first.

1) Their Eyes Were Watching God (by Zora Neale Hurston) the book--1937 / the movie--2005. Yeah, I know, it really is the unpolitically correct thing to admit, but I'm not a big fan of the book or the movie version. I do have mad love for some of Ms. Hurston's other work. The same goes for Halle Berry who played Janie in the movie.

2) A Native Son (by Richard Wright) the book--1940 / the movie 1951 & 1986. This is another one that's liable to get my literary Black card snatched and cut up. Sorry, I didn't like the book nor either of the movie versions. The 1951 version is truly painful to watch.

3) A Raisin In The Sun (by Lorraine Hansberry) A book containing the play came out in 1958. Movies based on the book came out in 1961, 1989 & 2008. When I was a kid, I borrowed (stole) the paperback copy I have of this book from my mother's library (smile). The 1961 screen play, featuring Sidney Poiter and Ruby Dee is my favorite of the three movie versions.

4) One Who Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (by Ken Kesey) the book--1962 / the movie-1975

5) The Water is Wide (by Pat Conroy) the book --1972 / the movie based on the book was called Conrack and came out in 1974.

6) The Shining (by Stephen King) the book--1977 / the movie--1980

7) The Color Purple (by Alice Walker) the book--1982 / the movie--1985 Okay, I really dislike reading books written in dialect. So, yes, I did enjoy the movie more than the book. Matter of fact, upon its release I saw it at the theatre (with different friends & relatives) on at least 4 different occasions!

8) The Women Of Brewster's Place (by Gloria Naylor) the book--1982 / the movie--1989. 9) Disappearing Acts (by Terry McMillan) the book--1989 / the movie--2000.

10) Devil In A Blue Dress (by Walter Mosley) the book--1990 / the movie--1995.

11) Waiting To Exhale (by Terry McMillan) the book--1992 / the movie--1995

12) How Stella Got Her Groove Back (by Terry McMillan) the book--1996 / the movie--1998

13) A Lesson Before Dying (by Earnest Gaines) the book--1997 / the movie--1999. I believe a couple of Mr. Gaines other books have been made into movies, but sadly, I haven't seen them. I'd like too though, because I loved both the book and the movie.

14) Always Out Numbered, Always Out Gunned (by Walter Mosley) the book--1997 / the movie--1998. Great book and an excellent movie. I know Mr. Mosley has a series with the main character of this book, Socrates Fortlow, but this is the only one I've read, thus far. The movie stars Lawrence Fishburne who is always a joy to watch on screen.

Okay, are there any book & movie combos you'd care to mention? Or, feel free to comment on any of mine, if you'd like.


Erica W. said...

He's Just Not that Into You is a non-fiction book written by a former Sex and the City writer. I recently saw the movie version, which screenplay was also written by former Sex and the City Writers. I wasn't too keen on seeing the movie thinking it would showcase single women fawning over men who "just wasn't into them." Although it did feature one or two such characters overall I found the movie funny, painful to watch at times (since I could embarrasingly relate to a few of the situations), and suprisingly entertaining. I did have one or two Mojitos before seeing it, so maybe that had something to do with me liking it as well. :):)

Lori said...

Hey Erica,
I read that book several years ago, when I belonged to a book club. During the group's discussion of the book, I can remember having an interesting converation with a young lady who insisted she didn't see much difference between living with a guy and being married to him. Having done both, you know I felt the need to school the youngster (LOL).

Anyway, I saw the promos for the movie, but figured I'd wait until it came out on cable. When it does, perhaps I'll take a cue from you and keep a bottle of Alize or some other liquid intoxicant nearby (smile). Actually, sometimes those kinds of movies can be quite entertaining. The hubby and I both enjoyed "The Devil Wears Prada" (the movie) but the "Sex In The City" series never appealed to me.

Thanks for dropping by and making a comment.

NaySue said...

Ok, I haven't read it yet, but I purchased Imitation of Life by Fannie Hurst. I am a fan of the 1959 remake, but recently watched the 1934 film version. Let me say that I talked through the 1934 movie in anger. I hope that the book isn't like the first version. I don't know if I'll be able to read it.

You can watch a little online:

NaySue said...

Can I add Finding Fish and The Antwone Fisher story to the list. Loved both.

Genesis said...

What about The Secret Life of Bees? I'm still not sure which I liked better. I read the book before seeing the movie though.

And I'm looking forward to the movie for Push by Sapphire. Now, I'm sure I'll like the movie better than the book. Some parts of the book were just irritating to

Another few:

Malcolm X
Disappearing Acts

Ehav Ever said...

Concerning A Raison in the Sun. I agree with you on the Sidney Poiter. I also saw the version with Danny Glover, but it didn't move me like the Sidney Poiter one.

Also, one of my favorite book to movies was Murder on the Nile by Agatha Christi. I saw it as a kid and I always had a thing for it. I have it on video now.

pjazzypar said...

You are tough Lori! I do agree with you about "Their Eyes Are Watching God", "Native Son", and "Disappearing Acts" (which I just found painful to watch). I also enjoyed #14.

The Bumbles said...

Well now I'm not sure if I should give "Their Eyes Were Watching God" a shot or not. Hmmm. I am almost 100% positive I read it before or saw the movie - one or the other - but the descriptions don't ring a bell when I read them.

I looooved Sidney Poitier's version of A Raisin In the Sun.