Thursday, January 28, 2010

Staying Busy . . . Behind The Scenes

No, as of late, I haven't been blogging much. However, I am staying busy. I've started a new writing project and I spend the bulk of my free "online" time on Facebook (

Recently, I learned A Natural Woman was profiled in the December 2009 issue of BLACDetroit Magazine (see page 15 / It was both an honor and a thrill to see my novel featured on the same "Hot On The Shelf" page as the 35th Anniversary Edition of The Black Book and Amiri Baraka's latest--Razor.

I'm in the process of scheduling another blog radio interview and hope to share a few more of the details in the coming days. Also, I'm still taking submissions for the "Natural Woman: Our Hair, Our Stories" series. So, contact me if you're interested and please spread the word.


Katrina said...

No not Facebook! Is it really that fun to be on? Do you like Facebook better than blogging?

Congrats on the write-up. It's always cool to see your book in a magazine somewhere, (especially when it's unexpected).

Go 'head on busy bee!

Lori said...

Hi Katrina, yes, I must say, I do prefer Facebook over blogging. I've found more of a "community" there. All of my old "blogging buddies" are on Facebook too. Plus, I've been able to make a number of new connections. I'm guessing one of these good old days, I'll see you there :-) :-)

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