Monday, January 01, 2007

THE OSM WISH LIST FOR 2007 . . . A list of things I'd like to see happen in 2007 . . . but probably won't . . .

1) An end to war, terrorism and all other senseless violence in the U.S. and abroad;

2) An end to the unsightly trend of young men wearing their pants 3 sizes too large, showing their doggone drawers and calling it a fashion statement;

3) An end to young women (old a$$ one's too) exposing their midriffs, thongs, butt-cracks, back-fat, etc., etc., at school, work, church and the like and thinking that mess is cute;

4) An end to parents sending their daughters out on Halloween (or any other time) dressed like hookers, strippers, hoochies and/or the likes of Paris Hilton, Lil Kim or Britney Spears (okay, so I'm being a bit redundant . . .);

5) An end to the televised ignorance of Flava Flav, Jessica Simpson, 3-6-Mafia, The MTV Yo Mama folks, etc.;

6) A successful African American TV drama that doesn't feature Taye Diggs;

7) TV programs with Black actresses in serious roles who resemble the average Black woman;

8) Help for O.J, Mike Tyson, T.O., Michael Jackson, Bobbie Brown & Whitney;

9) A serious commitment to the education of our nation's youth;

10) A national discussion about poor folks and poverty that doesn't involve finger-pointing, name-calling, Bill Cosby, Eric Michael Dyson or any mention of boot-straps.

So, those are some of the items on my 2007 Wish List. Care to share any of yours?


Keith said...

I agree with everything... except for number 8 - those fools don't even know they need help! And number 10 goes double for me. I like Dyson a lot, and occasionally Cosby, but those two have been less than helpful as of late.

Lori said...

Good point about #8. As for #10, I too, like and admire both men. But more often than not, rather than ADD to the conversation, they end up BECOMING the conversation.

Sharon J. said...

I would like to see African-Americans exam the class differences in our community. We can start by not putting each other into categories such as "ghetto" and "bourgie." We still have a lot of racism in this country to deal with, so we as black people can't afford to be divided based on superficial things such as the way we dress and speak or where we live. People seem to associate being ghetto with ignorance and others associate being bourgie with snobbery. I know a lot of so-called ghetto people who are very cultured, intelligent. On the other hand, I know a lot of so-called bourgie people who are very down-to-earth. My other wish in 2007 is that young women stop seeing stripping as a career option. Why? Because it's nasty. My third wish is that black-oriented radio stations would include more news and intelligent talk. I know the goal is to be entertaining, but at least there could be about three minutes of news at the top of the hour.

Lori said...

Interesting comments. Your call for an end to "stripping" as a career option made me want to add another item to my list. I'd love to see an end to our community's fascination with (and in some circles, high regard for) Pimps, Pimping, Pimp-Life, Pimp-ology, etc. If I were to add an 11th item to my list, that would be it. As always, thanks for sharing. Lori D.

Mitch McDad said...

Great list. How about adding Tom Cruise to #8?

Lori said...

Tom Cruise? You're so RIGHT! That boy has some demons and then some. Consider him added (smile)!!
Lori D.

Truth Thompson said...

My wish is for all Black Folk to embrace the "Dream of God," which is not personal ambition, but the dreams and the things God put in them to do. What ever those great things are will not be easy which is why the culture is going so down hill. Everybody wants to take the path of least resistance which is aspiring for a rap career, life in the NBA or going to college and majoring in sociology.

Will we ever see another George Washington Carver, Daniel Hale, Charles Drew, Duke Ellington, Lorraine Hansberry, WEB, Booker T,Ralph Bunche, Shirley Chisholm and Barbara Jordan?

Tell me that somewhere in America right now is a 5 yr old black boy that God has raised to walk in the spirit of Elijah McCoy. Tell me that somewhere there is a litle black girl that God is raising up to be the next Mae Jemison.

Each of us should look in the mirror and ask God to reveal to us, our true identity. That is my wish for the '07.

Lori said...

You ain't never lied (smile)! Amen to all of that. Lori D.