Thursday, August 02, 2007


I've never really had the desire to participate in a meme before, but Malcolm over at Pop Culture Dish inspired me. After reviewing his 13 favorite concerts, music-lover that I am, I decided to list my own 13. The following are some of my favorite concerts, though in no particular order . . . well, except for Prince ones (smile). Unlike Malcolm, I'm horrible at remembering years--so, my list doesn't include any.

1) Prince, Vanity 6 & The Time I was a BIG Prince fan, back in the day. This is probably my all-time favorite concert. Those folks put on one HELL of a SHOW.

2) Prince & Shelia E. The hubby (who back then was the boyfriend) and I camped out all night for this show. We bought tickets for ourselves and about 10 of our friends and relatives.

3) Al Jarreau The hubby and I have seen Jarreau several times. My favorite show was an outdoor concert on Mud Island (in Memphis). There was a light rain and a breeze coming off the Mississippi River that night . . . and I was young, in love and sipping on wine coolers (smile).

4) B. B. King I saw B. B. up close and personal (front row seats) on Beale Street and in a club bearing his name, no less.

5) Phyllis Hyman and Kirk Whalum Whalum is a hometown (Memphis) boy who can blow one heck of a bad sax. I saw up on stage one night with the late, great Phyllis Hyman.

6) Grover Washington I was blessed to see the late Mr. Washington in a small club in Memphis one night. He was extremely personable and a great performer.

7) Rachelle Ferrell, Will Downing and Jonathan Butler Yes, I'm a a jazz fan. Loved the show, but I'm still mad that Rachelle and Will didn't sing their duet.

8) Stephanie Mills I saw her years ago at the Mid-South Fair in Memphis. I don't think she gets the credit she deserves. Sistergirl has some chops.

9) Maze All I can say is, the haze and the contact high was something else (smile).

10) George Benson Another one of those great outdoor concerts on Mud Island.

11) Jeffrey Osborne Even after all of these years, I'd love to see him again.

12) Cameo I still have the poster my hubby bought me at the show.

13) Maxwell and Angie Stone What can I say . . . Angie was cool, but Maxwell is MY BOY!


Malcolm: said...

Hi Lori: Thanks for the shout out and for sharing your favorite concert memories. You have seen some fantastic shows! Me and a relative of mine agree with you about Stephanie Mills. I still think that Stephanie got messed over when she didn't get the role of Dorothy in the musical version of "The Wiz".

luxhie said...

I don't know you, Sister, but man, oh, man does (y)our list rock.

Lori said...

Malcolm & Luxhie,
Thanks for the comments. Were I to add a 14th concert, it would have to be Take 6. Back in the 90's, I saw them at Memphis State's (now the Univ. of Memphis)Field House. I didn't realize I'd seen so many shows until I started listing them . . . and those are just the memorable ones (smile).

Ehav Ever said...

One of my favorite concerts was when I saw Run DMC and Whodini. I still love break-dancing.

plez... said...

Here's my list of 13 Concerts:
(1) Prince - when he opened for Rick James at Hampton Coliseum in Virginia
(2) Prince - solo concert at a small club in Norfolk, VA (he played EVERYTHING from "Prince" and the just released "Dirty Mind" LP
(3) Parliment-Funkadelic - landing of the Mothership in 1978

(4) Parliament-Funkadelic - the "Aquaboogie" Concert, and yes, I wore some underwater goggles to the show
(5) Earth Wind & Fire - "Getaway" in the floating pyramid!
(6) Michael Jackson - solo show for "Dangerous"
(7) The Jacksons - before the broke up, still amazed at Michael's "Dancing Machine" robot!

(8) Frankie Beverly & Maze - under the stars at Chastain Park in Atlanta
(9) Phyllis Hyman - she performed at Homecoming for Livingstone College in Salisbury, NC in 1984 (my frat brother and I drove up there from Atlanta to see her show)
(10) Prince and the Revolution (with the Time & Vanity 6) - the post-"Purple Rain" movie tour at the Fox in Atlanta

(11) Prince - late 90's under the stars at Lakewood Amphitheater in Atlanta (ranks lower because he couldn't possibly do all of his songs in a 3 hour set)... this was the last live performance I've seen.
(12) Patti LaBelle - at the Fox in Atlanta... she rang in the New YEar with a BANG! damn! that woman can sing!
(13) The Sylvers - mid-1970's at the Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, VA... i had played basketball with the group a year earlier in New York!

Lori said...

And I thought I was a PRINCE fan (LOL). Okay, you win.

I listened to quite a bit of the P-Funk back in the day, but something tells me I wouldn't have enjoyed attending one of their concerts.

But MJ and the Jacksons? We should all be so dang fortunate. Sitting on the floor, in front of the tube watching (the still Black and fine and big-nosed) Michael do the "robot" to "Dancing Machine" . . . is one of those classic "colored girl memories" (smile). The only thing that could have topped that for me would have been front row seats at a J5 concert.

To add insult to injury, you had to go and pull your Sylvers' card!
Actually played basketball with them boys? Foster too, right? Man, some folks get all of the breaks . . .

Earth, Wind and Fire . . . and when Maurice was still with the group? Yeah Plez, ain't no doubt about it. You da man! And you've got excellent taste too (smile).