Wednesday, April 09, 2008


According to mama 'nem and all of the other folks who called me afterward, my News Channel 3 TV interview went over well.

Shout-out to Channel 3's Marybeth and Chris for making me feel so comfortable and inviting me in the first place. Gotta love the Memphis love.

Big shout-out to my North Memphis confidante, Dee-Dee (aka, my hair dresser of over twenty years). My hair is much longer than the picture posted on my blog and I really can't do much with it. But not only did Dee-Dee hook my hair up on short notice, the day before my interview, she came down to the studio (on her day off) the morning of my TV appearance and worked some more of her magic. Thanks girlfriend. Like I said, ain't nothing like that Memphis love.

Shout-outs are most definitely in order for my cousin from Philly, Mary, who keeps trying to get me to come up there for a book signing. She bought 10 copies of After The Dance and has her book club reading it. I keep telling her, next year, I'm trying to do my Southern thang at the moment, but she's not trying to hear it (LOL).

A couple of other multiple copy shout-outs are due for my friend Alice Faye and one of my Mama's friends, Ms. Alfredia. My girl Alice bought 7 copies and passed them on to friends and relatives and Ms. Alfredia said she was looking to purchase 2o. What can I say? Actions like those from folks who aren't even blood kin, can only be called blessings. Thanks y'all.

Shout-out to my cousin Michael who works for the Memphis City Police Department and who got promoted to Major on yesterday. You looked good up there, boy, getting pinned with that badge. Now when are you gonna show up on 48 hours? (LOL).

Shout-out to the University of Memphis Tigers who came SO close. That's all right guys. Y'all played hard, did your best and represented the city well. No matter how many professional sports teams Memphis gets, thanks to the Tigers, it's always gonna be a big college basketball town. Go Tigers! Go!

My last shout-out for the day goes to Naysue of black girl lost in a book fame who inspired this particular post (smile). On my previous post, she asked a question in jest that lead to today's list of thanks. Check out her blog sometime if you haven't done so yet. She does an excellent job when it comes to shining a spotlight on those books, writers and works that all too often fall under the radar.

I do have a few "gas-face" awards I'd like to handout to a few folks whose behavior has been of the trifling sort, but I'm gonna save those until I'm back in Charlotte. I'm not trying to have folks show up at my Mama's house looking to issue me a beat-down, verbal or otherwise (LOL).

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NaySue said...

I feel the love. I feel it. :-D There's nothing like a shout-out!