Sunday, April 20, 2008

Da Handsome Nephews who insisted
on taking a picture with their "auntie" Da Author.
From Lori's Picture Collection
April 2008
Lori & Cousins.
From Lori's Picture's Collection
April 2008
Holding the book is my cousin Punkin who no longer
wants to be called Punkin (LOL). Next to me is my cousin Joyce, who looks
like she could be my sister rather than Punkin's (smile).
From Lori's Picture Collection
April 2008

Me and my Cool Cousin Mike, who recently earned

his MPD major's badge.
From Lori's Picture Collection
April 2008
One of my Memphis neighbors.
From Lori's Picture Collection
April 2008
One of these young'uns took quite a few of the pictures at
his Mama's signing. From Lori's Picture Collection
April 2008
Me at the end of a long day.
From Lori's Picture Collection
(April 2008)


Radiogirl said...

Lori ... thanks for sharing the pix. I just started reading "After the Dance" and it is quite enjoyable.

Damika said...

Ms. Johnson,

I'm probably not posting this in the right place, but I'm going to tell you anyway. I came to the book signing, and I'm glad you had a good turnout. It's so nice to see a writer of color get so much support. I would have read the book sooner, but I had to get my EJD fix. His new book Pleasure was off the chain!! Anyway, that's not what I'm writing you for. I read your book and I LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT!! The book was hilarious! It was written well, too. I hate reading books that I can predict the story line in the first couple of chapters. I liked the way you wrote the story from both points of view. The characters were so believeable. And the references to music- you have great taste!! I can't wait for the next one!!! Please tell me it's coming soon!

Lori said...

@ Radiogirl,
Glad you're enjoying the book! I'm looking forward to speaking with you and the other members of your book club about it.

@ Damika!
Hey girl! Good to hear from you again. I appreciate you coming out to the signing and all of the kind words about my book.

I have finished the next one, but when it will appear is out of my hands (smile). I'm planning on posting a "bonus" story on my website soon. Keep checking back if you're interested. Also, look for me to send you something by snail mail soon . . .