Friday, May 02, 2008


Have you noticed any of the changes around here? In the past few days and weeks, I've made a few additions, adjustments and tweaks here and there.

My capable and extremely patient web designer, SheliaRenee of N'Digo Design, recently added a bonus short story to my official website. The story, "Put On Some Marvin" is one that first appeared in the Emrys Journal several years ago. I ran an excerpt of it in the Old School Mix, but the full text is HERE. Would you like to know what folks have been saying about After The Dance? If so, go to my web site and check out the new list of blurbs and reviews SheliaRenee (N'Digo Design) put together for me.

On the sidebar (to your right), here at the OSM, I've added a few new items as well. If you're interested in knowing more about me, you might want to take a peek at some of my recent interviews under the "Author Q & A" header. If you want to know where you might meet me and/or pick up a signed copy of After The Dance, the list beneath the "Upcoming Appearances & Signings" header is a good place to start.


MR said...

First, I like all the additions, adjustments and tweaks. Secondly, I’m so happy to read “Put On Some Marvin” again! (If you haven’t read’ll love it!)

As for all the comments and reviews about “After The Dance” word I keep seeing in describing your writing is “real”. Well, that is just true. Your stories are more like having a conversation with the characters as opposed to just reading about them. I didn’t think I’d like a “romantic comedy”, but I like “real” and I couldn’t get to the end fast enough. At the same time...I didn’t want it to end! I think that’s a mark of a good, solid story.

pjazzypar said...

Hey Lori,

I loved the excerpt "Put on Some Marvin". Is that a story you are developing, the makings of the next novel, or something else. I enjoy your character development so much. From reading just that little bit I can envision Gail, Gina, Terrance, Lucifer (oops! I mean Luther). The humor is present, but also the vulnerability of the characters, some who have seen their dreams diminished. I would definitely like to see where this story goes.

Lori said...

I do appreciate all of the kind words. I'm glad you didn't let the "romantic comedy" tag keep you from reading and enjoying the work. But we go back. You know how I do (smile).

Glad you enjoyed it. You know I never thought about expanding the piece. Hmmm . . . I wrote it such a long time ago, but it is one of my favorite stories. Thanks for giving me some food for thought.