Monday, June 16, 2008

MY RADIO DEBUT . . . Lori Johnson (author of After The Dance) on WYPL FM89.3 . . .

The following is a link to a 30 minute interview featuring yours truly. The interview took place on April 11th of this year at WYPL FM89.3, a radio station that operates out of the Central Branch of the Memphis Public Library. The show, which is one of the station's regularly occuring features, is called Book Talk.

The podcast is a pretty decent one, thanks to Stephen Usery, the program director, who did an excellent job on the editing and Lynette "Teddi" Williams who interviewed me. If you take the time to listen, even if only for a couple of minutes, please feel free to share your comments. Thanks!


Malcolm said...

I just finished listening to your interview. It's cool to be able to put a voice to the face.

I liked how you discussed the origins of your characters, how you drew upon your experiences with male relatives to make sure that the male characters were believable, and the marketing pitfalls that can happen to books.

Michelle Davis Petelinz said...

Well done! I too enjoyed it, especially the interviewer's questions about your characters' appearance...was she angling for a date with the fictional Carl, or what?! Seriously though, you should be pleased; it was informative, fun, and a very favorable interview--'hope it sells even more copies. Let us know how the progress with "A Natural Woman" comes along--like the title and the tease of the subject you gave--makes me want to read it!

Lori said...

Thanks for listening. It reminds me that I still have to (remember to) listen to your Friday night radio program. You know I'm old and forgetful (smile). Also, I had problems the last time I tried to tune in, but I'm gonna try again.

Anyway, during the interview, I forgot to mention that my background and previous field research in anthropology also helped me with the "male voice."
In anthropology, urban anthropology in particular, participant observation is an essential component of research. Along with that, I conducted, listened to and transcribed a number of interviews with a host
of different subjects.

Lori said...

LOL. I know. She admitted that she was looking for her own Carl. But for a minute there, I wondered if she thought Carl was real (smile).

Thanks for listening though and sharing your impressions. If all continues to go well, A NATURAL WOMAN will come out in April of 2009. I'll see if I can't hook you up with a sneak peek (smile). Fair warning though, it's bit more serious and intense than AFTER THE DANCE. Still, I think you'll like it . . .

shelia said...

Lori, cool. I'll check it out.

pjazzypar said...

Hey Lori,

I am with Malcolm about putting a voice with the face. COOL! The interview was great. Now you have to turn that other novella that I enjoyed about the sisters into a book.

Lori said...

Great, hope you enjoy.

Thanks! I'm guessing you're speaking in reference to the short story "Put On Some Marvin" that appears on my website. Hmm, I never thought about doing anything larger with those characters. But you know, it just might work (smile).

pjazzypar said...

Those character's were cool, especially the teenager, which I found clever, intelligent, but respectful at the same time. Another plus is the exploration of a relationship between sisters, complex stuff.

You are a natural born storyteller and that just might come from your travels abroad. All I know is when I read little snippets of your work it leaves me engrossed in the characters and wanting more.

Stephen said...


It was a pleasure having you on the show, and great to have you back in the 'Berry. I'm blushing over your comments re. my editing skills. Thanks!

Stephen Usery

Lori said...

Hey Stephen,
Thanks for dropping by the MIX!
I meant every word. You did a wonderful job. My folks, who still live in Memphis, said it sounded like I was sitting right there in their living room (smile).