Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Come on, we all have them right? Fake @$$ friends. You know, the type who . . .

1) is the first to show up at your house when it's time to eat, drink or party, but is no where to be found when you need help with a personal issue or a family crisis

2) smiles in your face while repeatedly dogging you behind your back or stabbing you all up in it

3) never has any money and always expects you to treat when you go out

4) is the last to congratulate you on your good fortune, but the first up in your face inquiring about the details when you have a mishap or misfortune

5) only calls or comes by when they need a favor or wanna borrow some money, your car or a kidney

6) typically gets all self-righteous and pi$$ed off when you don't take their advice

7) only hangs with you because they think you have money, influence or friends in high places and they need a "hook-up"

8) never thinks twice about wasting your time or inconveniencing you

9) routinely solicts your support on their projects and causes, but won't go out of their way to return the favor or even properly thank your a$$

10) consistently tells you what they think you want to hear, rather than the truth

11) will routinely standby in order to laugh, mock and ridicule when you get caught flubbing up or floundering about , rather than offer a hand or a word of encouragement

12) doesn't really know you, but insists on trying to make others think otherwise

13) NEVER apologizes or even feels the least bit guilty about doing any of the aforementioned.

Did I just about cover them all? So, which one of these really gets your goat? Do you have any others to add?

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pjazzypar said...

All of these get my goat. Unfortunately I have been in all of these situations at one time or another. With age comes wisdom. I do what my grandmother told me "Treat em' nice, but feed em' with a long handled spoon".

Sue said...

Unfortunately we all encounter people like this from time to time. Nice reminder list though as to how real friends do not act, and how false ones do.

Happy TT!!! My list is up here:

My Life In The Urban Zoo

SandyCarlson said...

A common thread: they waste your time! It's a shame sometimes we don't realize we're dealing with phonies until they've done some serious harm. God bless.

Di said...

I do not have time for these people. I am so lucky to have wonderful friends who are described in the song, "You Find Out Who Your Friends Are." Life is too short to waste your time with people who are wasting yours!

Buck Naked Politics said...

Some of those signs you list seem like warning flags wildly flapping.

Adelle said...

Sad but true. Unfortunately some friends don't show their true colors until you're down and out.

Lori said...

You know, Ive known a few of those types of friends in my lifetime. I truely believe you have to be a friend to have a friend. If they are nothing but a liability, kick them to the curb! Happy TT:)

SJ Reidhead said...

They stab you in the back!

The Pink Flamingo

marcia said...

I am to the age that friends are such a luxury that take years to cultivate so i have so few now but the ones I do are true:)

The Flying Monkeys said...

Yeah, someone has once called me a fake friend for asking them to watch my child while I gave birth to my 2nd. I have had many fake friends who have used me, and now, I have a small group of friends which is better then a large fake clique. Hope this list wasnt made out of a friend who is fake that you discovered!


Very nice list, I like it. BOUNCE on over to my 13.

Surfergirl said...

good list, all of them are equally annoying. i dont think i can choose which trait is less evil or better.

Alice Audrey said...

Somehow I never manage to keep those people around. Something about the way my eyebrow goes up drives them off. Oh well. :)

My TT is here.

Ivette said...

Happy Thursday 13! Love the list and I will know if my friends are fake or not. Thank You! Hope to see you at my 4th edition about Kerrelyn Sparks at Talk About My Favorite Authors blog.

Denise Patrick said...

BTDT - sometimes I learned my lesson, sometimes it took a couple of times before I got it.

Thanks for a great TT!