Monday, July 07, 2008

A Bit Of Love . . . For My Cleveland Crew . . .

I guess I started something with my previous post (smile). Late last week, I received an email from Elayne Jackson, my contact at the Warrensville Branch of the Cuyahoga Public Library. Among other things, she informed me that nearly all of the 50 or so copies of After The Dance owned by the Cuyahoga Public Library had been checked out. This past Saturday I checked CPL's online catalog for myself and discovered a grand total of 53 copies of my book had been checked out.

WOW! I can only hope the apparent interest in After The Dance translates into folks showing up for the reading/discussion/signing of the novel scheduled for Saturday, 2pm, July 26, 2008 at the Warrensville Public Library (call 216-464-5280 for more information) as well as the other two promotional events currently planned for my Cleveland visit (Thursday, 7pm, July 24 at Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Legacy Village Shopping Center and Friday, 6pm, July 25 at SeneAfrique).

If you live in the Cleveland area and you're in need of an extra incentive to attend the Warrensville Library event, well, check this out--I won't be reading alone. No, stepping forward to read the part of "Carl" (from After The Dance) is none other than Cleveland native, Emanuel Carpenter.

In addition to being an Air Force Veteran and a Capital University graduate, Mr. Carpenter is a talented author in his own right. Little Brown, The Midwest Book Review, Forest Wade Press and African American Literature Book Club (AALBC) have all featured and/or published his work. Regulars of this blog might also recognize Emanuel Carpenter as someone who drops by the "Old School Mix" every now and then in order to contribute a bit of his wisdom and wit.

Elayne and Emanuel are just a few of the Cleveland folks I'd like to extend a heartfelt thanks for their on-going kindness, generosity of spirit and interest in my work. Equally deserving of props and acknowledgement for their tireless efforts on my (and my novel's) behalf, particularly with regards to my/our upcoming Cleveland visit, are folks like Sharon J., RadioGirl, and Mary Oluonye.

One of the best things about this journey has been the opportunity to join forces and or/reconnect with folks who share my joy, delight and reverence for the beauty and the power of the written word. Yes, it's all good, y'all (smile).


pjazzypar said...


Good luck in Cleveland, not that you will need it. Did you already know Mr. Carpenter from your Cleveland days? You seem to be really enjoying your journey, which is what this is, a beautiful journey. Continued success, you deserve it!

Lori said...

No, I didn't "know" Mr. Carpenter while I lived in Cleveland. I "met" him online after I'd moved to Charlotte. I did know a bit about his writing background and I knew he was a regular poster at AALBC. He's given me a lot of valuable tips and feedback in recent months and we share a number of common ties--Memphis, Cleveland, literature, writing and the military (smile).

I'm looking forward to "hearing" him give voice to "Carl."

For the most part, yes, I am enjoying the journey, but sheesh, it's a whole lot of work! (LOL)

Sharon J said...

I'm looking forward seeing you in C-town. This is very exciting.