Saturday, September 08, 2007


I tried to lay low, but they got me anyway, y'all. First of all, Malcolm (of Pop Culture Dish, presented by Malcolm) gave me the following!

Thanks Malcolm. But just so you know, the buck stops with me buddy. Nope, I'm not passing this baby off to anyone. I will tell everyone that the award originated with Barb at Skittle's Place. I would post the link, but I have yet to be able to access it and I've got this unwritten rule about not linking to sites I can't view. No telling what all might be going over there (smile). I'm sure it's perfectly fine, but still, a girl can never be too careful . . .

In addition, it appears I've been TAGGED by Michelle (of Artventuring). Michelle wants me to list 8 random facts about myself. Hmm. Okay. Sounds harmless enough. Shall we begin?

1) I can control my dreams. Seriously. One reason, I think, I seldom have nightmares is because when things start to go haywire, I say "Nope! Not happening!" and I wake myself up.

2) The sound of my son's laughter has always made me smile.

3) I'm TALL! 6ft or so. And no, I never played or had the desire to play basketball in my youth. But I am the only person who has ever beat my 6'3, b-ball-playing, trash-talking "little" brother in a game of HORSE!

4) I love CATS. I've owned three in my lifetime and I really do think I just might have been one in another life. The only reason I don't currently own one is because the hubby is allergic. But should we ever divorce or God-forbid, should ole boy happen to keel over before I do--it's cat city up in here, baby!

5) The first short story I ever published "New Growth" won first place in Memphis Magazine's Fiction Award Contest and earned me the tidy sum of $1,000.00!

6) I won a couple of awards for my art work when I was a teen. Thanks to my 12 grade art teacher, one of my ink drawings appeared on a local TV show in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

7) My Mama forcing me to eat okra and me gagging, and, in turn, ruining everybody's dinner is one of my earliest childhood memories.

8) I wear glasses and I want to be buried with them on. The hubby once asked, if at some point during the services, I planned on raising up and seeing who all was there. Hey, now that's a thought . . .

When you finish here, hop over to Artventuring and check out Michelle's Random 8. She tagged several other cool artists and you just might to take a peek at their lists as well.

In keeping with the spirit of "no good deed goes unpunished" I'm tagging Malcolm of Pop Culture Dish, presented by Malcolm. Also, I think I'll see if I can't get Radio Girl to play along. If anyone else would like to post a random list of eight things about yourself, leave a link or a notice about it in the comments section.


Malcolm: said...

Like your husband, I am also allergic to cats. One time I went into the cube of one of my former co-workers. Shortly thereafter, I asked her if she had a cat because I got the usual symptoms (sneezing, water eyes, etc.) almost immediately.

Okra...blech! I don't see how anybody can eat that slimy stuff. Luckily, I wasn't forced to eat it too often. However, I do have memories of sitting at the dinner table for hours because of my dislike for beans/peas. I remember my mother would fix black-eyed peas and cornbread. I hated how the black-eyed peas juice would spill over onto the cornbread. I used to tear through that cornbread, but those peas... again, blech!

Malcolm: said...

I got so sidetracked by my cat allergies and black-eyed peas memories that I forgot to comment on a couple of other facts about you. Is "New Growth" included on your blog or elsewhere online? If not, are there plans to make it available.

I didn't realize that you were an artist as well. You mentioned that it appeared on a local TV show in ND. Did you go to school there? I was under the impression that you went to school in Memphis?

Lori said...

Hey Malcolm,
Another thing we have in common . . . a mutual hatred of black-eyed peas! And just about every other pinto, white, navy, bean as well (smile). How ya feel about liver? Yuck!

A small portion of my story, "New Growth" does appear on my blog. I posted it last year sometime. At somepoint, I may post the entire story. Probably when I get my website up and running.

My highschool days were spent in Grand Forks, North Dakota. I'm a proud graduate of Red River High! (LOL). My Dad was in the Air Force. I attended a lot of different schools . . . in a lot of different places. Hey, I went to junior high (that's what we called it then) in Wiesbaden, Germany.

But Memphis is home. My folks grew up there. My husband and his people are from there. I went to college there. Had my kid there. Bought my first house there. Published my first stories and articles there . . . I also attended 3 different primary schools and 1 junior high school (part of 9th grade) there.