Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow Days . . . Yay or Nay?
Baby Boy's First Snow
Memphis, TN 199?
From Lori's Picture Collection

Over the weekend, it snowed, here in Charlotte and in my hometown of Memphis, TN. As the picture above clearly indicates, my young'n loves the snow. The snow we get in Charlotte is not unlike the snow we used to get in Memphis--rare, typically nothing more than one or two inches or a light dusting and generally gone in a day's time. And I must say, that suits me just fine.

The Hubby Giving Baby Boy
A Lesson In Snow Removal
Memphis, TN 199?
From Lori's Picture Collection

Most good Southerners know that as soon as the warning goes out (The weather man said it's gonna snow!), the first thing that happens is a run on the grocery stores. Yes, some of us do shop like we're gonna be trapped indoors for weeks. But the truth is, a lot of time when it snows in these parts, things will shut down. Not necessarily because of the snow, but due to the ice. You see, a lot of times, when the snow melts, it tends to refreeze over night. The resulting ice downs power lines, knocks out electricity and makes driving something you don't want to do unless you're a thrill seeker, have a death wish or you absolutely must.

My Brother & His Buddy
Enjoying a North Dakota Snow Day
Grand Forks, North Dakota 197?
From Lori's Picture Collection

I'm no stranger to the snow as the picture above will attest. I snapped this picture of my little brother, standing outside of our home, when we lived on the Grand Forks Air Force Base in North Dakota. You see how high the snow is relative to the door? Yeah, we had to dig our way out of that bad boy. As a child, I also had the experience of living in Mountain Home, Idaho and Rome, New York, two other places where the snow is plentiful in the winter time.

The Beachwood Bunnies
Nana & Baby Boy
Beachwood, OH 2005
From Lori's Picture Collection

Of course, I've written a number of posts about my days as an adult in the Cleveland area. The picture above is a snapshot of my mom and my son rolling and frolicking, like nuts (smile), in the snowing covering the front yard of our Cleveland area (Beachwood) home.

But have you noticed the one thing missing from the pictures I've post? Yeah, me. That's 'cause, unless I'm taking pictures, or running (slipping, sliding, trudging) to the car or the house, I typically Don't Do Snow.

Yeah, when I lived in the Cleveland area, that first snow was pretty and all. But after that, it was OLD. As far as I'm concerned, snow from mid-November thru late April and early May, just ain't normal. Little girls are not supposed to be dressed up in their cute little Easter dresses, looking for Easter eggs in the doggone snow! No, that mess is SO NOT normal. (LOL).

So when it comes to snow, my vote is a resounding NAY! Really, I prefer to enjoy mine from a distance. Yup, memory, pictures, greeting cards and TV footage of snow (preferably falling elsewhere) is fine by me. What about you?


The Bumbles said...

I went in the opposite direction in my life - started in Charlotte and moved farther north every few years, through NJ, OH, NY and CT before ending up in MA. I hate snow. I need to move back down south! Or to Hawaii - that would be nice too.

Genesis said...

I'm Cleveland born and raised. I actually lived in Florida for 4 years and missed the snow. I know you mention Easter egg hunting in the snow as not being normal, but Christmas with no snow was a little too much to handle for

I don't mind the snow too much anymore. I did before I lived in the south. But honestly, it's one of the things I really missed and decided to come back home for.

Great blog!

Jen said...

I love the snow pics!! They are great!! I LOVE snow only when it is white and fluffly like in your pics! The city snow/slush I can do without!!

Lori said...

@The Bumbles,
Yea, fellow snow-haters in the house! (LOL). Thanks for having my back (smile).

First, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Second, you're right, I suppose we all have a different defintion of "normal."
For folks in Cleveland, snow is more than normal. But I must say, if it never snowed at Christmas, ever again . . . I'd be happy as a lark. LOL

Yes, it is pretty, especially in pictures (smile). But when it's coming down every day, like it would quite frequently in Cleveland, that can be a drag.

NaySue said...

Oh, I can't wait to dig up my old photos. There's nothing like flashback photos. Do you know I will stare at random old photos in thrift stores? Best below I checked out yours. lol Photos make you wonder who people are, how this moment shaped their life, and what they did after the photo was taken.