Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Drum Roll Please . . . An excerpt of A Natural Woman by Lori Johnson

In A Natural Woman (scheduled for publication by Kensington/Dafina in November), a young professor's infatuation with the man who cuts and styles her hair sends her world spinning out of control.
by Lori Johnson
Aliesha sucked in a deep breath and pushed open the door. A bell tinkled over her head and seven pairs of male eyes swiveled in her direction. As if on cue, the rhythmic licks and beats of a guitar and a pair of sticks on a set of drums suddenly filled the air. Not more than a second or two later, Johnnie Taylor screamed and launched into the first verse of "Who's Makin' Love?" Aliesha exhaled, smiled, and strutted forward. Beneath the surface of her brave mask lurked the hope that she hadn't made an incredibly egregious misstep. Today, rather than drive past Wally's Cool Cuts like she had for close to six months now, she'd decided to stop.
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Katrina Spencer said...

Sounds great so far! Boy, that pub. date is getting closer and closer isn't it? Congrats and I know Natural Woman will be a success!

pjazzypar said...

I like this Lori! I cannot wait until November.

Lori said...

@Katrina & PJ, Thanks y'all!