Monday, January 11, 2010

Give It Up For The Fellas!

If you listen to people they will attempt to convince you that men (African American men, in particular) don't read, buy books or attend book signings. I know better, if only because I've seen and experienced otherwise. The pictures below don't even capture all of the men who attended or stopped by my Memphis booksignings in December.
Johnnie Blue
Memphis, TN / December 2009
From Lori's Picture Collection
The gentleman dressed in red (Johnnie Blue) is someone I met last year at one of my signings for After The Dance. Even though he already had a copy of A Natural Woman, he made it his business to show up at my Waldenbooks signing just to chat. He's also a member of an all African American male book club, which is based in Memphis and meets regularly at the public library.
A young man buying a book for his girl.
Waldenbooks (Wolf-Chase Galleria)
Memphis, TN /December 2009
The gentleman dressed in yellow in the second picture was among the first that evening to stop and purchase a copy of A Natural Woman. He told me he was buying it for "his girl." I laughed and told him he must really be into this girl if he's still buying her gifts after Christmas. He smiled and told me he routinely bought her books as gifts and he got a lot of pleasure from doing so.
The earnestness I heard in his voice truly warmed my heart.
Lori & Mike
Waldenbooks (Wolf-Chase Galleria) / December 2009/ Memphis, TN
From Lori's Picture Collection
Lori & Eric's Crew
Waldenbooks (Wolf-Chase Galleria)
Memphis, TN / December 2009
From Lori's Picture Collection
Now, I will say, I do seem to be able to get more men to buy books in Memphis, TN than anywhere else. At this particular signing, I even had a gentleman of Asian descent stop and look at the cover of my book for a couple of seconds before disappearing. When he reappeared, he had his wife and their two adorable little girls with him. The gentleman not only wanted to buy a book, he also wanted me to take pictures with his girls. I think I know why. Interestingly enough, the Asian gentleman and his African American wife had produced two beautiful daughters who bore an uncanny resemble to the woman depicted on A Natural Woman's cover, thick, black head of hair and all.


Malcolm said...

Thanks for providing visual proof that brothas do read. :-)

That's an interesting story behind the interracial family who showed up at your book signing.

Lori said...

You're welcome, Malcolm. I wish I could post the pic I took of the two little girls who look like younger versions of the woman on the cover of A NATURAL WOMAN. But I try to avoid posting pics of children who are relatives or close friends of the family. However, I just might email you a copy of the photo . . .

Shalonda "Treasure" Williams said...

Lori it is so cool seeing your photos. You know I get inspired every time.

Anonymous said...

What is the name of the woman on the conver of your book?

Lori said...

Anon, I wish I could tell you. I don't know. I do believe she is a professional model. I saw another photo of her while surfing the internet . . .