Sunday, April 15, 2007

THE DEATH OF HIP HOP . . . PART II (Musical Selections) . . .

For Part I (The Eulogy) see previous post

Before any final, closing remarks, I have several musical selections I'd like to propose for The OSM's Hip Hop Home-Going. I mean really, what's a funeral without music, right?

Anyway, for the opening selection I suggest a duet, let's say, Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth's "They Reminisce Over You."

Perhaps we could follow that with a solo by India Aire. Oh yeah, you know it's got to be "I Am Not My Hair."

Then perhaps we ought to throw in something by the heavily sampled Godfather of Soul. I'm thinking JB's, "Say It Loud (I'm Black and I'm Proud)."

Well, before the last viewing of the body, how 'bout we turn the party out with some of Heavy D & The Boyz' "Nuttin' But Love."

Then to end on a proper note, I'm think we oughta totally flip the script and do something more traditional. I'd dare say, The Wynton Marsalis' Septet's "Recessional" (from "In This House, On This Morning") would be most approriate for our final hymn.

Would do you think? I mean, beside the fact that I'm tripping (smile). Do you like my choices or would you have opted for something different? Feel free to share your suggestions and comments . . . just remember to keep them brief because we've got to hurry up and bury this bad boy.


queen-to-be said...

India.Arie singing a solo? I love it but you know hip hop is not for the brown girl, even at his own funeral. Congrats on the book deal. And I love me some Pearl Cleage!

Lori said...

Appreciate the congrats as well as the comment.