Monday, December 10, 2007

Football Baby! From Lori's Picture

Of course, the picture above was taken some years ago, on the back deck of our old home in Memphis. The kid is considerably older now and while most days he can still be found with a ball of some sort in his hands, he won't hardly allow me to dress him like that any more (smile).

The point is though (one of them anyway) I'm used to and prefer the type of fall & winter weather depicted above and below. The foliage has browned. The leaves have fallen. There is a discernable nip in the air at night. But the most you ever need during the day is a sweater to go over your regular attire or, if like this kid, you're still being dressed by your mama, a jazzy jogging outfit and a cool cap will do quite nicely (smile).
More Football Y'all!
From Lori's Picture

Lately, the weather here in Charlotte hasn't even called for that much. A couple of days ago, we turned off the heat and turned on the air. The temps have been in the mid-70's and are forecast to reach 77-78 at some point this week. And in case you're wondering . . . Yes, I am loving every minute of it!


plez... said...

close to 80 degrees here in Atlanta.

Lori said...

Hey Plez,
We're still one step ahead of you. We hit 80 yesterday. And from the looks amd feel of things, we may hit that if not higher today (smile).

pjazzypar said...

Would you look at the little guy! Dapper isn't he? Check this out in Dallas on Saturday it was 80 degrees and by Sunday it was 50 degrees. It goes back and forth like this all the time and as a result people always have cold and few symptoms around here.

Lori said...

Hey Pjazzy,
My folks lived in San Angelo, Texas for a period of time. I remember the stifling heat when I visited them one summer. Yikes! The temps are expected to drop here soon as well. From what I understand, temps this warm are actually out of the norm. Still, it's fine by me (smile).

Emanuel Carpenter said...

Yeah but the kids love sledding, snowball fights, snowmen, and white Christmas. Plus cold weather is always a good reason to snuggle up with that special person in your life. This winter I'm going to try skiing at Brandywine.

Of course the white knuckled driving and ice cold wind chill factors are something else.