Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A FEW BODY DOUBLE . . . DON'T (s) . . .

Some things you just ought not tell me . . . really, unless your aim is, in fact, to make me bust out laughing. Take the time my friend JG told me, and with a perfectly straight face, that his grandmama looked like B.B. King. What the?! (LOL) Yeah, it was slow day at the library, but still . . . I was like dude, I don't mean any harm, but if my grandmama looked like B.B. King, I wouldn't tell anybody.

Same goes for my friend YN, who every now and then will mention how her sisters used to claim one of her college boyfriends looked just like Billy Ocean. Y, girl, please . . . you know I love ya like a play cousin, but you're really gonna have to stop telling people that mess (LOL).

One body-double moment that at the time wasn't so funny was when my cousin Mary's husband said my NEWBORN son looked just like Al Freeman Jr. For those of you who don't know or need a little refreshing, Al Freeman Jr. is the actor who played Elijah Muhammad in Spike Lee's Malcolm X. Yeah MR . . . I'm still not laughing dude (smile). Actually, the boy did kind of look like brother Freeman, but still . . . Some things you just don't say out loud!

Another not so funny body-double moment, I still remember and harbor a grudge over, happened back in college. One of my so-called good friends, who, herself, could pass for a Gremlin twin, said I reminded her of Big Bird from Sesame Street Fame. Yeah, I get it . . . tall, yellow, goofy and big-hipped. That's all right, LF 'cause guess what? You still have more teeth than height!

See, don't start none, won't be none (LOL).

So, what about any of you? Any memorable body double don't(s) you care to share? Do you have a celebrity twin? Who do people say you resemble?


Malcolm said...

When I was at a club back in the mid 90s, a young lady said that I looked like Darius Rucker (lead singer of Hootie and the Blowfish). The fact that I have a goatee and was wearing a baseball cap at the time probably helped.

Al Freeman, Jr. There's a name I haven't heard in awhile. Back when I was too little to really understand it, I saw the TV movie with him and Patty Duke called "My Sweet Charlie". I would love to see that again.

pjazzypar said...

Hey Lori, the gremlin comment is funny. B. B. King has a daughter who looks like him, so your friend's grandmother has company. I love Billy Ocean's music to death, but I don't know if I would want a man who looks like him.

Emanuel Carpenter said...

Billy Ocean was the man back in the day.

In my college years everyone said I looked like Kadeem Hardison (AKA Dwayne Wayne from A Different World.) A few said the guy with the glasses in Boyz II Men. Some said Arsenio. Others have said Chris Tucker.

Nowadays they say you like an author I saw in the newspaper. I just smile and say "Yup. That's me." Then they say "Nice to meet you Eric Jerome Dickey." I guess I'll never win.

Lori said...

Being told you look like Darius Rucker isn't too bad, particularly if you enjoy his music. If you don't, well . . .

As much as I enjoy B.B. King's music, the thought of any woman looking like him is a pretty frightening one to me (smile).

OH AND MY APOLOGIES for not posting your "Sweet Charlie" comment. By the time I caught the obvious connection to Malcolm's previous comment, I'd already deleted it. Yeah, I'm slow sometimes (smile).

Goodness, you look like a lot of people, don't ya?! So which one, if any, do you consider the best fit?

Keith said...

LoL. Well my wife wishes I looked like Terrance Howard or Morris Chestnut. Instead I just look like me.

Emanuel Carpenter said...

Gotta go with Kadeem on this one. Of course, I would have loved to trade places with him when he was dating Chante Moore. Hubba, hubba!