Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Let's play a game, shall we? Okay, I'll name a song and you tell me which version you prefer. Are you game? Of course, there are no real winners or losers and no prizes will be awarded nor will any money will be changing hands (smile). And, of course, I plan to share my preferences as well . . .

1) FEEL THE FIRE (Peabo vs Stephanie Mills) Okay, I REALLY enjoy BOTH of these versions of the song. I just saw & heard Peabo's version on Soul Train classics, this past Saturday, so I'm leaning hard in brother P.'s direction. But Ms. Mills' versions is in my car's cd rotation.

2) KILLING ME SOFTLY (Roberta Flack vs Lauryn Hill) Again, I'm torn. I like both versions. But if forced to choose, I'd have to go with sister Flack.

3) I SHOT THE SHERIFF (Eric Clapton vs Bob Marley) Gotta go with Marley on this one.

4) TO BE YOUNG, GIFTED AND BLACK (Nina Simone vs Donnie Hathaway) Both versions make me cry. But I owned Simone's version on a 45 when I was little girl, so she gets my vote.

5) HOW COME YOU DON'T CALL ME? (Prince vs. Alicia Keys) Come on folks, don't even try it. Prince all the way!

6) LADY MARMALADE (Labelle vs Christina Aguilera, Mya, Pink and Lil Kim) Okay, I have to give it to them, the youngsters held their own on this one. BUT nobody says, "Itchy geetchy ya-ya, da-da," like Patti, Nona and Sara. Y'all betta recognize!)

7) FOREVER, FOR ALWAYS, FOR LOVE (Luther Vandross vs Lalah Hathaway) This may surprise you, but I think Lalah out does Luther on this one. Her versions really takes my breath away.

8) IF THIS WORLD WERE MINE (Marvin & Tammi vs Luther & Cheryl Lynn) This is such a beautiful song and they all do such wonderful jobs. Today, I'm gonna say both. It's a tie.

9) NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE (Michael Jackson vs. Isaac Hayes) Yes, Mr. Hayes is a hometown (Memphis) product, but I've gotta go with MJ's version.

10) CRUISING (Smokey vs DeAngelo) The hubby hates both of these equally (LOL). But I think I'm a tad more partial to DeAngelo's version.

11) DO ME BABY (Prince vs. Meli'sa Morgan) Sigh, I don't know why she even tried to go there. Again, it's all about the Purple One. Prince baby!

12) I CAN'T STAND THE RAIN (Ann Peebles vs Tina Turner) Sorry Ms. Tina. Ms. Ann has this one SO covered can't nobody touch it (smile).

13) OUTSIDE MY WINDOW / ANYTIME (Meshell Ndegeocello vs. Brian McKnight) According to Brian these are two different songs. Ha! Man please. Meshell did it first and she did it better. Ya heard?

Would you like to share some of your choices from my list? Yes, I know, there are plenty of others. Any in particular you'd like to add?


shelia said...

1) FEEL THE FIRE (Peabo vs Stephanie Mills) - Definately the Stephanie Mills version.

2) KILLING ME SOFTLY (Roberta Flack vs Lauryn Hill) CAN YOU SAY TIE...both artists does this song justice.

3) I SHOT THE SHERRIFF (Eric Clapton vs Bob Marley) No contest---Bob Marley all the way.

4) TO BE YOUNG, GIFTED AND BLACK (Nina Simone vs Donnie Hathaway) The Verdict is still out on this one.

5) HOW COME YOU DON'T CALL ME? (Prince vs. Alicia Keys) Now you know it's Prince, although Alicia Keys version was okay...but Prince is the man. No competition.

6) LADY MARMALADE (Labelle vs Christina Aguilera, Mya, Pink and Lil Kim) Labelle...Patti...Patti

7) FOREVER, FOR ALWAYS, FOR LOVE (Luther Vandross vs Lalah Hathaway) No comment...have to hear them both again to really pick one.

8) IF THIS WORLD WERE MINE (Marvin & Tammi vs Luther & Cheryl Lynn) BOTH had great vocals...A TIE.

9) NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE (Michael Jackson vs. Isaac Hayes) MJ...that's when Michael was the you know what.

10) CRUISING (Smokey vs DeAngelo) Have to go with Smokey...I can get lost in those eyes.

11) DO ME BABY (Prince vs. Meli'sa Morgan) Now you know it's PRINCE.

12) I CAN'T STAND THE RAIN (Ann Peebles vs Tina Turner)
I'm going with Tina on this one.

13) OUTSIDE MY WINDOW / ANYTIME (Meshell Ndegeocello vs. Brian McKnight) I like Anytime; have to hear Outside my Window.

Lori said...

Thanks for such a detailed response. I can tell, like me, you are quite the Prince, oops, I meant music fan (smile).

Nerd Girl said...

Killing Me Softly - Roberta Flack
I Shot the Sheriff - Bob Marley
Lady Marmalade - Tie. They're both great in their own rights.
If This World Were Mine - Tie
Crusing - Smokey Robinson

Prince ALWAYS wins. Always!

This was fun, thanks for the much needed diversion from work!

Emanuel Carpenter said...

Hey Lori,

You forgot a rather obvious one: AFTER THE DANCE by Marvin Gaye and AFTER THE DANCE by Fourplay featuring El Debarge. You can view video for the latter on Youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sucO7CJxgA

I am a BIG Fourplay fan and actually liked their remake better than the original.

Also, Cruisin' by Smokey Robinson is one of my all time favorite songs. DeAngelo's version didn't come close.

There are only two Prince remakes I like better than the originals: Tom Jones's version of KISS and Sinead O'Conner's version of NOTHING COMPARES 2 U. I need to burn me a Best of Prince Slow Jamz CD. ADORE was my jammmmmm!!!!

The others are too close to call but Peabo was the man back in the day. And of course, most of Luther's hits were remakes.

Lori said...

@Nerd Girl,
Thanks for playing along. I think you said something that bears repeating: "Prince ALWAYS wins. Always!" Yup! You got that right! (LOL)

Gosh, I am so busted (smile)! How could I not include "After The Dance?" Actually, when the idea for this piece came to me several months ago, I'd fully intended to include "After The Dance." It just totally slipped my mind.

I enjoy Fourplay's music as well, but you know, I still prefer Marvin's version of that particular song.

Gotta go along with you on the Sinead O'Conner remake of "Nothing Compares to You." She did a damn good job. Probably the best Prince remake out there in my book, but you know I still like the Purple One's version the best (smile).

I love Smokey's music, but his "Cruisin'" isn't one of my favs. I prefer his older stuff--"Tears of A Clown." And the slow jam classic of all time, "Ooh Baby, Baby" are at the top of my list.

Thanks for keeping me on my toes!

bettye griffin said...

You mean nobody has mentioned I Heard It Through the Grapevine by Gladys Knight and the Pips and by Marvin Gaye? (Okay, I know the arrangements are so different on these that it sounds like a different song.) But for me it's a tie.

Stephanie Mills sings with such fervor. Sorry, Peabo.

Haven't heard the Laryn Hill version of Killing Me Softly, but I do love Roberta Flack.

Marley/Clapton - Tie.

Haven't heard the Donny Hathaway version, but I love both he and Nina.

Marvin & Tammi get my nod for If This World Were Mine. What a phenomenal career Tammi would have had, had she lived. Not only did she sound great, but she was cute as a button.

The Jackson Five (Michael actually recorded this song with his brothers) sounded less teenyboppish on Never Can Say Goodbye. I nod to them.

Never liked Do Me Baby.

That song was perfect for Ann Peebles' very unique voice, although Tina didn't do bad by it. I still give Ann the edge.

Never heard of that last one.

This was fun! Thanks, Lori!

pjazzypar said...

Okay Lori, You are hitting where I live with this one.
I will give a toss up (tie) on #1.

Roberta on #2, simply because I think she might have actually known who she was singing about, while on the other hand Lauryn just liked the song and decided to remix it.

Bob Marley on #3 without a doubt.

If there is a slight edge it would have to be with Ms. Simone on #4, both versions are wonderful.

On #5 I have a write in and it's Stephanie Mills hands down. I actually had this same argument back in the 80's when Stephanie released the song originally performed by Prince. In my opinion it is a woman's song and if you haven't heard it by Stephanie holla back and I will make sure you do.

#6 Labelle.

#7 I am embarrassed to say I never heard Layla's version, but I know she is an awesome performer. In fact I am going to see her with Angie Stone and Rahsann Patterson in April. Must look this one up.

#8 is a tie for me.

#9 is tight, but I may have to go with the Jackson Five.


#11 Tie. #12 Ann Peebles.

#13 Meshell Ndegeocello without a doubt.

Lori said...

Hey Bettye, welcome to "The Mix." Good call on "I Heard It Through the Grapevine." I'd call it a tie too. But wait, no love for Prince's "Do Me Baby?" (LOL) To be honest, that's not one of my favorite Prince songs either.

A big LOL on your comment about Roberta actually knowing what she was talking about! I feel the same way about a lot of these girls out here who are doing little more than yodeling, hollering and carrying on . . .

You know, I have heard Stephanie's version of "How Come You Don't Call Me." I love her version and you're right, it should have been included on the list. Again, I just forgot. BUT I still prefer Prince's cover of the song (smile).

Lalah's song is on a jazz cd tribute to Luther and his music, entitled "Forever, For Always, For Luther." Lots of other good stuff on there by artists like Kirk Whalum (another Memphis product), Boney James (love his sound), George Benson, Ledisi and others.

But I've gotta give it to you girl, not only do you know your music, you've got excellent taste too (smile).

Malcolm said...

From your list, I would go with Luther/Cheryl's version of "If This World Were Mine" over the original by Marvin and Tammi.

Earlier, it was mentioned that Prince did the original version of "Nothing Compares 2 U". Although he wrote it, the Minneapolis group The Family recorded it first back in 1985.

Another song showdown I would add is "Respect". Even though the original by Otis Redding is really good, Aretha owns that song now.

Lori said...

Hey Malcolm,
I'm surprised you'd pick Luther & Cheryl over Marvin and Tammi. It is a hard choice though.

I almost addded "Respect" but like you said, Aretha so owns the song, a lot of folks don't even realize Otis did it first.

Thanks for playing!