Sunday, March 23, 2008

EASTER BLESSINGS. . . (Easter Images Of Old)
Easter Back In the Day
from Lori's Picture Collection
Baby Boy's 1st Easter
from Lori's Pic Collection
Nana & Baby Boy's 4th Easter
from Lori's Pic Collection


pjazzypar said...

Oh Lori,

I got that same picture of me and my mother somewhere, the hairdo, the outfit, etc. Little man has not changed much from a baby has he. What a handsome guy!

Lori said...

That was a classic look back then, wasn't it? (LOL) When my silly hubby first saw this pic, he was like who's that chick in the wig? I said, "Your mother-in-law." Yup, that shut his mouth (smile).

My little fella was such a butter-ball for such a long-time, folks thought he'd be the "husky" kid in the family. But he's tall and skinny like his daddy and granddaddy USED to be (LOL). If only he were still 4 (smile). They grow up so fast . . .