Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thursday Thirteen #38 . . . 13 "Best of CDs" On My Wish List . . .

In a previous post, I joked about my recent purchase of a "Best of " Elton John CD. Yes, I am one of the last remaining CD-purchasing hold-outs and I own a nice-sized collection of "best of" CDs. But as of late, I've been thinking about some of the music I'd love to have, but have yet to purchase. The following list contains a sampling of the artists whose "best of " CD I plan to own one day . . .

1) Eric Clapton

2) Neil Diamond

3) Earth Wind & Fire

4) Jimi Hendrix

5) Jackson Five

6) John Mellencamp

7) Stevie Nicks

8) Parliment/Funkadelic

9) Dianne Reeves

10) James Taylor

11) Temptations

12) A Tribe Called Quest

13) Tupac

Well, do you own any "best of" CDs? If so, what, if anything, would you like to add to your collection?

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Music . . . For The Road . . .

Recently, I purchased an Elton John's Greatest Hits (1974) CD. So what surprises you more? The fact that I'm still buying CDs or that I happen to like Elton John? (smile)

Anyway, the CD contains lots of great driving music, classics like: Daniel; Honky Cat; Rocket Man; Bennie and the Jets; Crocodile Rock . . . I wish I'd purchased the CD before my family's recent tw0-hour car trip to neighboring Ashville. Sometimes it's hard to find music that the hubby and I enjoy enough to listen for hours on end. The kid, well, he either pulls out his own headset or puts up with his parents' old school choices. Actually, I think the boy is being treated and exposed to a fairly broad selection of music.

Of course, were it left to me, I'd jam to random selections from the likes of Aretha, India.Aire, Jill Scott, Lalah Hathaway, Cassandra Wilson, etc. And when I tired of the sister singers, I'd toss in some Marvin, Al Green, Maxwell, Prince, Eric Benet before switching over to a bit of Miles and 'Trane. Yeah, basically my tastes are all over the place.

On this most recent trip to Ashville, the three CDs the hubby and I both gave the thumbs up for on-going play were: Year of the Gentleman (Neyo); Pleasure Of The Night (Will Downing & Gerald Albright); and Acey Duecy (Anthony David).

Neyo's Year of The Gentleman was one of the hubby's recent purchases. He claims he snagged it for the kid. Yeah, right (smile). Anyway, I gave it a listen, not expecting too much, but found myself head-bobbing to several of the cuts: Closer; Nobody; Mad; Miss Independent; Fade Into The Background; and So You Can Cry in particular. Forget the kid, this one stays in mama's collection.

Will Downing & Gerald Albright's Pleasures of the Night is an oldie but goodie smooth jazz CD that I forgot I even owned. Brother Will handles the deep-throated vocals like a pro while Albright spins his special brand of magic on the sax.

I must admit to being shocked when both of my guys expressed their enjoyment of Anthony David's Acey Duecy. Typically, whatever I can't get enough of, music-wise, they can't stand. This one we all love! For me, David's style has this sort of southern neo-blues feel to it that soothes and moves me like a good home-cooked meal after church on Sunday. Very rarely do I enjoy just about every cut on a CD, but with the exception of two, I can honestly say that I could listen to the songs on Acey Ducey all day long. If I had pick a few favorites, I'd have to say--Something About You; Words; Spittin' Game; Kinfolk; GA Peach and Cheatin Man.

Well, those were some of our recent road trip music selections. Got any you'd like to share?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easters Come and Gone . . . In Pictures . . .
"Yeah, that's me . . . "
Lori's Picture Collection
"Not So Sure Baby Boy Is Feeling Mr. Easter Bunny" From Lori's Picture Collection Baby Boy's Easter Jig From Lori's Picture Collection My Fellas One Easter From Lori's Picture Collection Nana & Baby Boy In Their Finest Easter Outfits From Lori's Picture Collection
Easter Stylin' & Profilin'
From Lori's Picture Collection