Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thursday Thirteen # 41 . . . 13 Candidates for the OSM's Worst Parents In The World Award . . .

My dear husband is a big fan of MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olberman. Me? Not so much. Before you get it twisted, yeah, I am very much a liberal, I just prefer my news the old fashioned way--without the obvious bias, the additional commentary and all of that dang shouting. In particular, that whole "Worst Person In the World" segment strikes me as a wee bit over the top. I tend to file those sorts of things under entertainment rather than news.

So, in the name of entertainment, I don't have a problem with borrowing the "Worst Person" concept for the Old School Mix's Thursday Thirteen--The 13 Candidates for the Worst Parents In the World Award.

1) Jon & Kate (minus the 8)

2) Octo-Mom and the Anonymous Sperm Donor

3) The parents who bring their infants, toddlers, preschoolers and/or underage kid (s) into R-rated movies

4) Michael Jackson

5) Penny's Mama (from the old Good Times TV series)

6) Katherine & Joe Jackson

7) The Parents of the Rugrats

8) Homer & Marge Simpson

9) Ozzie & Sharon Osbourne

10) Britney & K-Fed

11) Christina Raines (the woman who, along with her kids, was shacked up with Drew Peterson before his most recent arrest)

12) Bobby & Whitney

13) Any parent who puts full make up (blush, lipstick, eyelashes, liner, etc.) on an infant, toddler, preschooler, etc. and enters them into a beauty contest.

Well, those are some of my pics. Who would you nominate?

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Brenda ND said...

Now you have me trying to think of some more parents I might add to your list. Hmm. Happy TT!

☆Willa☆ said...

Gosh! I can't choose only one, they all deserve to win!But bec you asked, I have to choose the octomom, just her nickname octo already sound so creepy to me!sounds like a sea monster!
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Adelle Laudan said...

I so agree with number 13. Some of those kids pics give me the willies. Fun list. Happy T13!

Thorne said...

I think I know about half of those you mention and would often agree. My picks would be the parents who allow their rats to run amok in markets, libraries, book stores, banks... lol

I am Harriet said...

Pretty sad- isn't it?

Carleen said...

Your list reminded me about how happy I am that I retired when I did because Octo-Mom is supposed to be returning to the university where I taught in the Fall semester. I can only imagine what a circus that will be!

Yan Tan said...




Pamela Kramer said...

Peter Griffin from The Family Guy! I hate that character.

storyteller said...

I don't know much of anything good about any of the folks you've put on your list and that's a sad thing.
Hugs and blessings, said...

Hi there!

Why is Michael on the list?? What did he do wrong? Okay other than the time he dangled his infant from a balcony to let photographers take photos of him?

Why are Joe and Katherine on the list? They were not absent parents...they tried to raise normal children...

I'm okay with Britney and K-Fed and Whitney and Bobby on the list though! *LOL*

Mocha Dad said...

I'd also add the parents who film their small children freak dancing and post the video on YouTube.