Friday, September 15, 2006


Q: Isn't that the title of a song? A: Yes, a Marvin Gaye tune. It first appeared on his I Want You album back in 1976.

Q: That's also the title of your novel? A: Yes . . . unless, of course, my editor suggests otherwise.

Q: What kind of story is it? A: I guess you could call it a romantic comedy, of sorts.

Sorry folks. Until Ms. Agent gives me the "go ahead," I'm really not at liberty (in this particular forum) to say more than that. As soon as all of the paperwork has been Signed, Sealed and Delivered (Stevie Wonder, 1970), I will happily disclose all of the important details (like the name of the publisher, the publication date, etc) as well as reveal a bit more about the story, the characters and the plot.

Until then, I'd like to invite you to take a look at how I think AFTER THE DANCE differs from some of the other "urban" romances/love stories currently on the market.

What AFTER THE DANCE does not contain:

1) Folks getting shot, killed, kidnapped or sexually assaulted

2) Cars, clothes or homes getting burned up

3) Dope smoking, sniffing, stealing or dealing

4) Triple X-rated sex

5) Excessive profanity

6) Name dropping of designer clothes, cars, shoes, bags, etc.

7) Brothers going to jail

8) Sisters getting beat-down or smacked around

9) W/Folks as villians or saviors

10) B/Folks as simpletons or saints

What AFTER THE DANCE does contain:

1) A father who openly demonstrates his love for his children

2) Ex-spouses who make a genuine effort to get along

3) B/Folks struggling to do better

4) Strong father/daughter relationships

5) Expressions of tenderness between a B/man & a B/woman

6) B/women behaving civilly towards one another

7) A number of old school musical references

8) Young people showing respect for their elders

9) A convergence of the urban South & the rural South

10) Modern day examples of B/Southern etiquette

Uh-huh, I know what you're thinking: "What?! No, triple X-rated sex? Nobody getting "stabbed, shot, kilt or hurt" (Arrested Development's "People Everday" 1992 )? Not so much as even one sister catching a beat down? Dag, girl, I thought you said you were a sister who wanted to be read?"

Yes, I did say that. Didn't I? (LOL)


Bonnie Oliver said...

Looking forward to reading your book! Thanks for keeping it real and clean ( no sex, lies, or video tape drama. Wating to LOL so more.

Be Blessed

Lori said...

Bonnie O.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I'm certainly going to keep it real and "relatively" clean (LOL). Well . . . I'll let you and others be the judge. Lori D.