Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Hey, thanks for all of the nice emails. Understandably, quite a few of the comments have been about the picture--most of them complimentary (thank you very much). Still not so sure what to make of the "You sure WERE cute," (as in once upon a time, a heck of a long time ago) comments. LOL!

Anyway . . . One of my Cleveland pals, SP, has kindly offered to smooth the creases out of the picture for me. So, don't be surprised if it reappears at some point looking all new and improved (Thanks again, SP).

Another sisterfriend, AD from Memphis, sent me a cool, inspirational link that I may very well share in the coming weeks.

My ATL-based bud, YN, who has known me since our grad school days at the U of M (called Memphis State, back then) and who accompanied me on at least one of the 5 or 6 times I went to see the COLOR PURPLE upon its release umpteen some years ago, emailed to express her complete surprise at my mention of TO SLEEP WITH ANGER on my list of movie favorites. Turns out it's one of her all-time favs too. Hmmm. I'm thinking one of us just might be in the beginning stages of Old-Timer's disease 'cause I could almost swear we talked about that once . . .

MR, my "go-to-guy" in Memphis emailed me wanting to know what was up with me describing myself as "shy" and "innocent." He obviously doesn't see me as either. LOL. All right MR! Don't let me have to break out some T.I. on you. How's that one verse go? "When you see me in the street shorty, you don't know me!" (Well, at least that's how the cleaned-up version goes, anyway) Of course, when MR reads this he's going to be like, "Huh?" Being that he's even more "Old School" than myself, I'm not so sure he knows T.I. from the FBI. But that's all right. He knows I don't have nothin' but love for him.

Need I say the preceding sentiment is one that goes ten-fold for AL, who apparently was the only somebody brave enough to step forward with a public comment (appreciate ya Sweetie).

Seriously y'all, it is my sincere hope that over time the OS Mix will evolve into more of a dialogue. What I'm striving for is an on-going exchange of ideas and comments. In other words, don't y'all have me up in here talking to myself, like somebody crazy! I'm saying, if nothing else, grant a sister a public, "Amen" every once in a while. All right?


Sharon J. said...

I can see why music would influence your writing, especially R & B, the Blues and Country & Western. R & B lyricist in particular are some of the best storytellers around. The best writing out has a rhythm to it.

As for favorite movies, I also enjoyed "To Sleep with Anger" with Danny Glover. My favorite movies are "Superfly"-- Don't laugh. It had a great story and Ron O'Neal was an under-rated actor -- "Coolie High," "Eve's Bayou," "Mixing Nia," "Raging Bull," and "The Wizard of Oz."

MR said...

Huh? Now. Now. Don't be too hard. You know I'm still on "Sweet Bitter Love" & "What's Goin' On"...and that may be all I need to know! Just how old are we schoolin'? "You don't know me" means Ray Charles to me. And if I see you in the street, Ms. Lori, I will good ol' southern hug your neck and give back all that love!
(T.I. is a Rap musician...right?)

Lori said...

Sharon J,
"SUPERFLY?" Say it ain't so, girl. Say it ain't so (smile). I'll have to check out MIXING NIA. Don't think I've ever heard of that one. I only saw part of EVE'S BAYOU. But I do hope to finish it one day. Also, I've heard RAGING BULL was pretty good. So, thanks for all of the great the tips. Lori D.

Lori said...

Hey MR,
You're a winner! T.I. is indeed a rap artist. Believe it or not, I'm not that up on Ray Charles. My folks didn't really listen to him. My granny either. The movie "Ray" certainly piqued my interest in his work though. You have any Ray favorites? Lori D.

MR said...

I haven't seen the movie (Ray) yet but it's on my list. There are so many great Ray Charles tunes. Even if someone else did the song first, you'd never know it. Aretha does that, too...makes every song her own. There are a special couple of his songs that take me back to the time of listening to my parent's records: "Born to Lose" and "I Can't Stop Loving You". But my favorite is "You Don't Know Me". What a great tune!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cuz: I think you are off the chain. You have alwasy been wise beyond your years and I am sorry that you didn't continue to paint because you had those skilss too. Probably still do,just need to hone them Good Luck and I want to see my name in the dedication, as part of the 'village'(smile)
Luv, mary

Anonymous said...

MR's little brother here. Greetings from San Antonio, Texas. If you make it here on the book tour (think big, right?) I'll be sure to drop by. The last famous author I met was Kinky Friedman...and you have to be better looking than he is.

Lori said...

Hey MR
I think you just inspired me to go out and get a "The Best Of" Ray Charles cd. Hopefully, I can find one with "You Don't Know Me," on it. I'll let you know.

Hey there Cuz!
You're the last person I would have expected to drop by! I'm humbled and flattered and pleased as pie (smile). Don't play. You KNOW you're a part of the VILLAGE. Ain't that a given?

Howdy Anonym(aka MR's little bro)!
Glad to meet cha and thanks for stopping by. I will most definitely PUT San Antonio Texas on the book tour. Now, whether I'll actually get there is anybody's guess (smile). Kinky Friedman, huh? I don't know about better looking, but if his name is any indication, we just might have a little something in common (LOL)!

Lori D.