Friday, September 22, 2006

THE OSM'S TOP TEN LIST OF ENVIABLE 'FROS . . . (This is all in good fun and in no particular order.)

1) PRINCE (Okay, I know I'm not the only one who remembers that "before the perm" poster of His Purple Badness that appeared in RIGHT ON! Magazine.)

2) MICHAEL AND JACKIE JACKSON (of the J5) (Yeah, I could have put Jermaine on the list too, but he was probably my least favorite Jackson, back in the day.)

3) LINC (from The Mod Squad) (Okay, with Linc it wasn't even about the hair. Brother was just cool with his.)

4) ANGELA DAVIS (When you look up 'fro in the dictionary, Angie D.'s picture is the first one you ought to see. To let you know just how "old school" I am, I can still remember my Mom's "free Angela Davis" t-shirt.)

5) NIKKI GIOVANNI (Did you ever see the back cover of her book The Women and The Men? Yup, Ms. G., had a right cute little 'fro.)

6) PAT CLAPP (Yeah, I know. Y'all are saying, who? Pat C. was a girl who went to JR High with me. She had the most perfect 'fro I've ever seen, bar none.)

7) THE BROTHERS IN THE SYLVERS (Don't play. Those "Boogie Fever' boys were somethin' else. Betcha didn't know they were originally from Memphis, did ya?)

8) DWAYNE AND SHIRLEY (from What's Happening?) (Shirley died, not too long ago. Wonder what ever happened to Dwayne?)

9) RON DELLUMS (You know, the retired Congressman who was recently elected Mayor of Oakland? Yeah, he's old enough to be my daddy, but hey. I've admired his hair and had a slight crush on ole boy for years.)

10) JESSIE JACKSON (Okay, work with me here. I'm talking the good Rev.'s WattStax days and on back . . . before he started putting that kit on those kinks and started using all of that dippity-do on his head.)

Well, that's my list. If you think I missed somebody, don't like one of my picks or want to submit a list of your own send me an email or feel free to use the comments section. Coming up next, the OSM's top ten list of Jacked Up 'Fros (smile).

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