Tuesday, September 12, 2006

See that black & white picture in the corner? It's one of my favorite photographs of "me." According to Mom, the snapshot was taken at Scott AFB in Illinois, where Dad was stationed at the time. Furthermore, Mom states that I am somewhere between the ages of 2-3 in the caputured image and the hooded coat I'm wearing is pink with white trim (Yep, leave it to Mom to remember all of the pertinent fashion details).

I think I like this picture because I can readily see so much of the "core" me in it--the shy me, the innocent me and even the mischievous me. Best of all though, this snapshot grants me an unobstructed view of the quick to laugh and smile little girl that most days I still am--behind the adult facade. The picture is one I used to keep in my wallet until the day a friend shamed me out of the habit. "How many people do you know, who actually walk around with a picture of themselves?" is pretty much what she hurled at me. Not wanting to be thought of as vain or in anyway self-absorbed, I shoved the photo into the back corner of a drawer and all but forgot about it, until just recently. I suppose I've FINALLY reached that point in life where I honestly DON'T CARE what other folks think when it comes to CERTAIN things. I mean, come on y'all, ain't like it's some totally unflattering photo of me caught in some compromising position (like say, a snapshot of me sitting up somewhere slanty-eyed drunk and dressed like a hoochie mama or else one of me all snuggled up next to somebody else's husband or, God-forbid, one of me swinging around a pole in some fool's shake 'em up joint). No, Mom, I don't actually own any pictures like the aforementioned. I'm just saying . . . Anyway, this is indeed, a new day. Later for letting folks (whether friends, foes or family members) push their self-esteem issues off on me (smile). Besides, if showcasing one's babygirl picture is good enough for the likes of -- Jill Scott http://www.jillscott.com/ and

Nichelle Tramble http://www.nichelletramble.com/biography.htm

(Thanks for the inspiration, ladies!)

Hey, it's durn sure good enough for me. Nuff said? All right then.


al said...

my dear pretty,

i just want to say congratulations. not for just the book deal, but for giving all that you have. i know there were times when you didn't want to try again to write, but i knew that writing was the only thing which would make you happy.

so write on, sista! write on!


Lori said...

Appreciate you visiting the blog and all, but please, let's not go getting all gushy up in here (LOL). Lori

Mr. said...

Lori D.:
Let Al gush if he wants to. He made the whole trip with you! I add my congratulations to his. You have worked so hard. Your writing is honest and real and I can't wait for everyone everywhere to discover you! Mr.

Lori said...

Thanks for stopping by kiddo. I knew I could count on you (big grin) Much Luv. Lori D.