Monday, July 16, 2007


1) Am I the only one who agrees with J. Anthony Brown (of Tom Joyner fame) that most of today's young, female R & B singers sound (and often look) like roosters on crack?

2) Am I the only one who finds it ironic (if not highly questionable and wrong) that the only two couples on Grey's Anatomy who are NEVER seen getting any play are the two, married African American couples?

3) Does anyone besides me ever wonder why there aren't more brothers (African Amercian males), who can actually sing (like a Reuben Studdard) making it into the early (much less the final) rounds of American Idol?

4) Is anyone besides me cheering the August 7th release of Soul Food - The Second Season on dvd! Dag, it's about time . . .

5) Am I the only one who thinks both R. Kelly and Avant look like they ought to be wearing some really thick a$$ prescription glasses?

6) Am I the only one who prays the Queen of Soul (Aretha) never suffers a Janet Jackson-like wardrobe malfunction?

7) Does anyone besides me think the rapper T.I. puts you in mind of a light-skinned Rakim (from Eric B. and Rakim fame)?

8) Does anyone besides me think Prince has gotten prettier (better looking) with age?

9) Am I the only one who wonders what Al Sharpton, Verdine White, Nick Simpson, Michael Jackson and his royal badness, Prince, would look like without a perm?

10) Am I the only one who has found herself being threatened with bodily harm (and by a relative, no less) when I merely pointed out that quite often when Mary J. sings live, she sounds flat and off key?

11) Does anyone besides me pray that Lauryn Hill gets it together and comes back out strong?

12) Does anyone besides me think "blue-eyed" R & B singers from back in the day like Tina Marie, Jon B., Lisa Stansfield and hell, even Boz Scaggs and the Hall & Oates sounded way more soulful and authentic than folks like Joss S., Justin T. and Amy W.? I mean, come on now, I'm just saying . . .

Anyway . . . what do you think? (smile)


Malcolm: said...

Excellent post... here are a few of my thoughts.

2. Although I don't watch "Grey's Anatomy", I am not surprised about the lack of African American couple love scenes.

4. Yes... on June 24th, I posted about the release date of Season Two. You are, it is about time!

6. Whew, please don't let that happen.

Lori said...

Hey Malcolm,
Your blog is where I first discovered the info on the new "Soul Food" dvd. August can't get here soon enough (smile).

These days it seems as if Blk folks can be seen doing some of everything on tv--fussing, fighting and acting a plum fool--but never behaving in a loving fashion toward one another . . . Yeah, that's right jacked up!

And as far as the Queen is concerned . . . well, let's just hope those sisters never break loose (smile).

Ehav Ever said...

I don't watch American Idol, but maybe there are not a lot of dynamic R&B singers like the Isley's, the O'Jays, the Stylistics, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Teddie Pendagrass, etc. These men were defined more by their style and their songs and not all by their voices.

I have wondered why only Season 1 of Living Single has come out on DVD.

In the 1980's there was a Word Up Magazine article that had a photo of What if Michael Jackson went hip hop? They took his face and put him in a Kangol, gold chains, and a B-Boy outfit.

I do wish that Laruyn Hill would put out another good album. It would be great if she could work with Zap Mama the way Eryka Badu did.

Sharon J. said...

I agree with all of the items on this list except for the ones about "Grey's Anatomy" and "Soul Food." I'm probably one of two people who has never seen either show. So I'm not qualified to talk. I've seen Al Sharpton with an Afro. It looked nice. Lauryn Hill is coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs. I hope she gets it together, too. Her "Miseducation" CD is a classic. Aretha (I'm calling her by her first name because we're such good friends LOL)listed her as well as Jill Scott, Erika Badu and John Legend as amoung her favorites of the younger singers.

Lori said...

In my opinion, all of the male R&B singers you listed have (or had) very unique voices. Perhaps more young brothers are choosing to go into rap or hip-hop rather than straight up R&B . . . But I still think there there's something fishy about who they welcome in when it comes to Am. Idol.

I didn't know the first season of "Living Single" hadn't been released. I need to check on "A Different World."

My son was watching a rerun of "A Different World" yesterday and the the show dealt with one student calling another student "a math ho.' They held a mock trial and everything. I was like wow, how many years ago did that episode air?! Here we are in 2007 and in the real world we're still dealing with that same kind of mess. You'd think at some point we'd learn and do better.

Lori said...

You haven't seen "Grey" or Boris Kodjoe in "Soul Food"? Girl, we're gonna have to hurry up and fix that (LOL)!

Hey, in my book Aretha will always be the Queen. Her stuff still sounds better than the majority of the stuff out there now.

Don't give up on Lauryn yet. Maybe when her kids get a little older. It ain't over till it's over.

CapCity said...

PRINCE - YES! YES! YES! That sexy MFer is inDEED getting BETTAH!!! LOL!

Lauryn Hill - yea, i keep praying for her.

This was a fun intro to your spot, Sistah Lori. And congrats on the bookdeal! I pray I'm able to post such a proclamation on my blog, soon!

Lori said...

Hey CapCity,
Thanks for stopping by "The Mix." It's always nice to have another fan of 'His Purple Badness' (Prince) up in this joint (smile).

Do you write? Do you have something pending? Well, I guess I need to stop by your blog and have a look, huh?

plez... said...


thanks for the list... here are my observations:
1) I think they all try sound to like the same person... Beyonce' (the only ones who come to mind with any originality are Alicia Keys and Corinne Bailey Rae).

2) I don't watch Grey's Anatomy.

3) American Idol is nothing more than a popularity contest and in the past few seasons has not lived up to its billing... I'm surprised that with two Black judges we probably still won't have the opportunity of getting another "chubby soul singer" in the final group.

4) I'll ask my wife, she likes the show... I haven't really watched much more than the movie (which I absolutely loved!).

5) R. Kelly needs to stay behind the scenes, he's a talented guy, but not much of a performer.

6) Aretha needs some heavy duty bra-action to keep "The Boys" in check!

7) Talent-wise, he's not in the same zip code as Rakim.

8) No comment about Prince's "prettiness"! *smile*

9) All 5 are long-haired freaks... let 'em keep their hair the way it is, they wouldn't be themselves without it! Imagine Al Sharpton with a temple fade... people might actually start to take him seriously.

10) I had a cousin - no doubt - argue that she was "blue-ing down" the notes on purpose... I told him that ole girl just can't carry a tune... she's got soul, but she ain't got pitch!

11) Lauryn come back to us, baby!

12) Today's stars are ALL packaging and marketing, actual talent comes way down on the list... that Timberlake boy has some talent, but his whole schtick still seems a bit contrived to me.

Lori said...

You said it all in #12--"Today's stars are All packaging marketing, actual talent comes way down the list." Great observation and very well put.

For the record though, I kinda like TI . . . on the radio. I can't take the regular cd version 'cause I'm not trying to get cussed out and called all out my name in the privacy of my own home or car. But he does have this whole Stagalee/Jodie vibe that's kinda cute (smile).

Also, when it comes to the Queen, remember they're "girls" not "boys"
unless you know something we don't (LOL)!

Ehav Ever said...

Hello Lori,

In terms of Living Single, ONLY the first season was released on DVD. I think there were 8 seasons, and only season 1 is out. I don't know if it is a demand issue or what.

In terms of American Idol, I think the whole thing is over rated. I think the calibar of singing is not up to par in most of the music industry. I also think Americal Idol is all about looking for quick pop sensations. I found the following web-site that gives the success rate of the American Idol winners.

plez... said...

i know Aretha is a girl, but she calls her knockers "The Boys"!

a little known African-American factoid."

Lori said...

Okay Plez,
I'll take your word on it. Obviously, you're getting some sort of inside scoop (LOL).

Thanks for the extra info. I agree, Idol is very much over-rated. I stopped watching a couple of season ago.