Sunday, January 06, 2008


It's been a while since I posted about one of my favorite subjects--music. So let me take a moment to rectify that situation (smile). While visiting with the kinfolks in Memphis over the holidays, I heard a lot of that NEYO & JENNIFER HUDSON jam on the radio, "Leaving Tonight." There's not a whole lot coming out these days that really grabs my attention. But "Leaving Tonight is one of those songs I actually stopped and listened to the first time I heard it. Nothing tickles my fancy like a nice duet.

The following are some of my other favorite "old school" duets and I bet you'll find quite a few surprises on the list. Let me know if we share any favorites or if there is a song (or songs) on my list that grate (s) on your last nerve (smile).

1) Don't Look Any Further (Dennis Edwards & Siedah Garrett)

2) Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This (Will Downing & Rachelle Ferrell)

3) If This World Were Mine (Luther Vandross & Cheryl Lynn)

4) Love Has Finally Come At Last (Patti Labelle & Bobby Womack)

5) Tramp (Carla Thomas & Otis Redding)

6) With You I'm Born Again (Billy Preston & Syreeta Wright)

7) Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing (Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell)

8) Your Smile (Rene & Angela)

9) You're All I Need (Mary J. Blige & Method Man)

10) There's Nothing Better Than Love (Luther Vandross & Gregory Hines)

11) The Closer I Get To You (Donnie Hathaway & Roberta Flack)

12) Where Is The Love? (Donnie Hathaway & Roberta Flack)

13) Love Makes Things Happen (Baby Face & Pebbles)

14) Loving You (Nancy Wilson & Peabo Bryson)

15) Spirit In The Dark (Aretha Franklin & Ray Charles)


pjazzypar said...

Ooh Lori,

You have some really good ones here. I can't choose a favorite among these as I like them all, especially # 2, 6, 10 and 12. That is my favorite song by Rene and Angela, I still have the disco single in my collection in which she sings the song in two distinctly different ways. Gregory Hines really surprised me when he sang along with Luther. He actually held his own with one of the greatest singers of all times, incredible. As for the last song by Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles, I never heard the duet rendition. I only know it as an oldie made solely by Aretha Franklin. Cool list and a great way to start a Monday morning. You knocked some of the BLAH off of the day for me. Thanks.

Lori said...

Hey Pjazzy,
You know, I didn't get into the Hines and Vandross duet until they'd both passed. One day while I was ironing and watching VH1 Soul, the video came on and I was struck by the beauty of the song. A bit of growth on my part, perhaps (smile).

Yeah, there's nothing like a great sounding duet to put you in a better mood, if only for a moment.

Aretha and Ray's duet appears on The Queen of Soul's "Live at Filmore West" album. My familiarity with the song is due to it long being a part of my Mom's music collection. I intend to add it to my own one day soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm usually not one for duets - though I do love Marvin and Tammi and Donnie and Roberta. My favorite duet? Please hold the laughter. . . "Saturday Love" by Alexander O'Neal and Cherelle. I LOVE that song! Happy 2008!

Malcolm said...

1, 5, 10, and 13 are among my favorites. I haven't heard 13 in awhile, but it was one of those tunes that I loved the first time I ever heard it.

Nothing on your list grates on my nerves. Although it's a good song, I think that 7 is overplayed by radio. My favorite Marvin and Tammi duet is "Keep On Loving Me Honey". It would be nice if radio dug a little and played more of the lesser known cuts such as that one.

Btw, I had almost forgotten how much I enjoy your music-related posts.

Lori said...

Nerd Girl,
Don't worry. You won't catch me laughing. I came real close to adding "Saturday Love" to my list (smile). Happy 2008 back at ya!

"Don't Look Any Futher" used to be my jam! I can still remember back when the hubby and I were dating and how we use t ride around in his Camero with the T-tops down and with that song blaring from the car speakers (LOL). Yes, those were the days.

Glad you like the music posts. I'll try to sneak a few more of them in from now on. And oh, I never get tired of anything by Marvin and Tammi. They really sounded like they enjoyed singing together.

Shelia said...

Great list. I'm about to go pull out some of my old school cassettes. I have a few of these on CD from the Body & Soul collection.

Emanuel Carpenter said...

Now you're bringing back some memories. Lots of jams on this list. I also liked "Endless Love" by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross. I was just listening to some old school slow jams myself. "The Secret Garden" from the Quincy Jones album. "On Bended Knee" by Boyz II Men. And "If You Were Here Tonight" by Alexander O'Neal. Tevon had some jams too. I know they're not duets but I loved those songs just the same.

Lori said...

Over the holidays, I noticed my Dad had a copy of one of those Body and Soul cds. I almost borrowed/stole it from him (LOL).

"Endless Love" is another one that almost made the list. My hubby loves himself some of Q's "Secret Garden" (LOL). That sounded kinda nasty, didn't it? I need to watch that (LOL). Anyway, like I always say, Old School Rules! And sometimes it Rocks too (smile).

plez... said...

don't sleep on Michael Jackson & Siedah Garrett singing "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" from his Bad LP

Lori said...

Hey Plez,
The MJ and Garrett song is one I had a hard time recalling. I went to Amazon and pulled up the sample and even though I do recall it now, for me it wasn't one of those songs that hit me gut-level. But everyone has his/her song (smile). Thanks for adding yours to the "Mix."

The one song I should have had on the original list was the duet involving Luther and Martha Wash, "I (Who Have Nothing)." Beautiful, beautiful song. Almost brings me to tears everytime I listen to it (smile).

Lola Gets said...

Girl, I am with you on Numbers 13, 12, 11, 6, and 3. I especially love "With You Im Born Again." They just dont play that one enough!


Radiogirl said...

You have compiled a nice list. I like some of Regina Belle's duets especially the one w/JT Taylor "All I Want is Forever". Good stuff.

Keith said...

Great list, though I must admit I don't know them all. How about Beyonce and Shakira? Ne-Yo and Rihanna? Rick James and Teena Marie (Fire and Desire is crazy!)?

Lori said...

Thanks for dropping by the Mix and weighing in on the topic. Yes, "With You I'm Born Again" is one of those songs that just grabs you and won't let go.

I don't really recall the Regina Belle and JT duet, even after my hubby tried to sing me a few bars. But I trust your judgement. I may have to seek it out for a quick listen.

I was wondering when someone would mention Rick and Teena's "Fire & Desire." (LOL) I can recall riding around with my niece one day and that song came on and she was like turn that s!&t up! And I was like, dang, girl, it's like that?! I guess we all that one song that does it for us (smile).

coloredgirlswhohaveconsidered said...

Girl what you say?
Old school?
Hold up, wait a minute let me put my 2cents in it:

16) Hope That We Can Be Together Soon (Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes featuring Sharon Paige)

*takes sign of relief*

Lori said...

ColoredGirls . . .,
Nice addition! Thanks for adding your 2cents to the MIX.