Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Natural Woman by Lori Johnson . . . Coming Soon!

Dr. Aliesha Eaton is a young anthropology professor who seemingly has it all--a nice teaching gig, a respected role in her church and an adoring boyfriend. However, while searching for the right someone to cut and style her natural hair, she finds herself drawn to a dark, handsome, mysterious barber, named Dante. Unfortunately, Dante's complete disappearance within hours of their first night together leaves Aliesha wondering if he'd been out to play her from the start, or if he's become a victim of foul play at the hands of either her spruned boyfriend, or . . . . yet another man from her recent past.

A Natural Woman contains a hint of mystery and a touch of the paranormal, and is scheduled for release by Kensington/Dafina in November of 2009.

Feel free to preorder a copy via Amazon today!

Preorder via Amazon


pjazzypar said...

You know I am preordering my copy :-)

Lori said...

Well, you know you have one coming . . .