Wednesday, September 05, 2007


1) Has anyone, besides me, noticed that Michael Vick bears an uncanny resemblance to that bad dog named "King" that at least one neighbor kept chained up in the yard back in the day?

2) Am I the only one who thinks Flava Flav, Lil Wayne, Tommy Lee and Britney Spears all look like they could benefit from a good scrub down with some of Granny's lye soap? (Granny of "The Beverly Hillbillies" for all you youngsters out there who are scratching your heads and saying who?)

3) Am I the only one who's never seen Lindsey Lohan in anything--besides a news blurb or a clip from a tv tabloid?

4) Does anyone, besides me, wish the media would just let folks like Anna Nicole, Elvis, Tupac, Biggie and Princess Diana rest in peace?

5) Am I the only one who's noticed that men who use the word "sexy" in a song, are generally anything BUT that? (Think about it. Rod Stewart: "Do You Think I'm Sexy?" Ah, that would be a NO! Right Said Fred: "I'm Too Sexy" Yeah, in some alternate world, perhaps. Baby Face: "Grown & Sexy" Well, he got the grown part right. And for anyone who dares say Justin Timberlake: "Sexy Back"--NO, I'M AFRAID NOT . . . First of all, Cute and Sexy are two entirely different things . . . )

6) Has anyone, besides me, caught themselves singing (or humming) along with the "Viva Viagra" commercial? Uh-uh, don't lie. (Ugh, I can't get that durn song out of my head!)

7) Does anyone, besides me, get the feeling that R. Kelly's alleged victim is gonna hit menopause before the case against Kelly ever goes to trial? Dag, the man is still touring, making records, releasing even more bad videos and everything. (All kidding aside, last I heard the poor girl in this case was getting ready to have a baby ).

8) Has anyone, besides me, ever wondered why the folks hired by shows like Entertainment Tonight and America's Next Top Model to critique women's hairstyles and fashion choices are mainly men? . . . (I'm saying, men, who, themselves, typically look like oversized trolls?)

9) Has anyone, besides me, ever wondered who Sweet Pea's real daddy is? (Yes, I am talking Sweet Pea of "PopEye" cartoon fame). Wouldn't you love to see that bad episode of Maury? But rather than the most obvious suspects (PopEye or Brutus), wouldn't it be funny if Olive Oly's real baby daddy turned out to be none-other-than that ole hamburger begging "Wimpy" or even worse . . . PopEye's old lecherous daddy--"Poopdeck Pappy?"

10) Am I the only one who's noticed that people who ask, solicit and/or outright beg for your opinion . . . really and truly only want your agreement and/or affirmation (*smile*)

Yeah, I know . . . on most of those, I'm probably the only one. But if you do have any comments and/or additions, be my guest . . .


Ehav Ever said...

You know on number 9 you really got me there. I never really even thought about who Sweat Pea's father was. Now that I think about it, was Olive Oil even Sweat Pea's mother? I thought Sweat Pea was just left on Popeye's or Olive Oil's doorstep like in the 1980's movie.

If that was the case I think it is similar to how during the depression people were leaving their kids to people who they felt could take better care of them. I think this is where all the older cartoons get that gag from of the whole, there's a knock on the door and when you open it there is a baby with a note.

Well you know what this means, to Wikipedia to get more facts.

Lori said...

Hey Ehav E.,
"Was Sweet Pea even Olive Oly's baby?" Good question! Heck if I know.

Wikipeidia might be a good place to start if you're searching for information, but if I were you, I'd be careful about gathering all of my "facts" from there. Truth be known, it's not the most reputable/credible source. But I'm sure you already know that though, right? (smile)

Ehav Ever said...

Oh yes I know about Wikipedia and facts. I did some writing on a couple of articles on it. I myself tried to make sure to put all the facts since I have so many books. (book) It is a good start to unravel the mystery of who is the Sweat Pea Dady, and maybe the Sweat Pea momma. (double smile) It is pretty good on comic books and cartoons.

Malcolm: said...

I was thinking about #3 a couple of months ago. I've caught bits of a couple of Lindsay Lohan movies while channel surfing, but that's it. I'll bet that if you asked the average person to name 5 Lindsay Lohan films, you would get greeted with a blank stare.

Good call on the R. Kelly case. If any of the alleged victims had been white, Mr. Kelly would be up under the jail right now.

I haven't seen the Popeye 'toons in awhile, but I seem to remember one in which he and Olive Oyl found Sweet Pea abandoned somewhere. I do like your scenarios better though.

Michelle Davis Petelinz said...

LOL on the list. #8 a definite; was ANTM's Miss J a mess or what?!

Stopped by to say hey, and tag you for the Random 8 Meme project. See the rules (it's fun, don't worry) here:

You're it!

Lori said...

Okay, you and Ehav are probably right about Sweet Pea. But I'm willing to bet the writers/creators of the cartoon had to come up with that "abandoned baby" explanation after the fact (smile). Think about it. An unmarried woman (Olive Oyl)with a baby who runs around with a roguish bunch of sailors . . .

Ehav Ever said...

Wow. I never thought of it that way Lori. You do have a point there. This revelation is up there with Pepe Le Pew being a stalker.